Here’s, an assortment of best site of the week, which are an amazing source of inspiration. All of these designs feature intriguing designing elements that offer the best user experience. Every web designer should know what’s trending in the market and the demands of the online visitors, so this inspiring websites collection will help you out to know everything that your design needs to get trendy.



It is a simple and intriguing design that comes in the mixture of blue and green color, making it look animated and lively.  From space to menu tabs, custom widget, it consists of responsive and clickable elements that improve the user experience. Therefore, this design is seeking lots of popularity among the web designers.


It is one of the most trendiest design that comes with eye catchy background at the top followed by plain white color background. It contains column wise blocks and boxes element for displaying the images of products. With smooth scroll and flexible features, it consists of navigation menu in the header and every element on the layout is separated with appropriate space.


With classy white and black combination, this design is popularly known for its elegant and responsive layout, which is blend with the smooth scrolling feature. For making it, more attractive, bold and stylish typography is used to introduce various components and elements of the design. Moreover, it consists of elements to share and mail the needed information.


The aquatic view captures the front page of this design and moving water effects has certainly made it trendy and popular among all the other design. It creates a soothing and calming environment with its subtle and elegant layout, which displays lovely and bright colors. There are useful elements embedded in the design for improvising the experience of visitors.



This design majorly includes clickable images with zoom in feature that on click provides relative information on the image. The proper distributions of all the elements from the navigation bar to newsletter form make the design look sophisticated and impressive. Since it displays appropriate colors, the design looks more attractive and it has inspired many designers with its uniqueness.  


The best part about this design is it showcases different color such as black, green, pink, blue and so on, with every scroll. The moving background and interactive elements are making this design run long in the web design industry. Moreover, the dark colored and intense background adds more creativity to the overall design.


The contrast of black and orange color layout on scroll makes the design stand out different from the crowd as well as increased its popularity. With the black background, you can bring the elements and contents of the design to the notice of the visitors. The interactive scrolling feature adds fun to browsing through this design.



This design is an attractive piece of art that comprises of animated and interactive sections and layout. The black color of the design uplifts the elements present on it and the side up arrow at the bottom makes it easier for the visitor to reach back to the top of the design. The elegance and flexibility of this design have enthused all the web designers to embed the same feature in their designs.


This design with the geometric theme is getting trendy due to its brilliance in using the geometric shape and figures. All the elements featuring options such as about, work and other clickable button are embedded in geometric structures. It displays bright gray color in the background, which will hold up the professional and decent outlook for any website.

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