Here’s exciting new assortment of best sites of the week that will inspire you with its creativity and ingenuity. All of these designs are trendy and most popular on the web as they consist of the best set of features that provides excellent flexibility and functionality. For every web designer, this elite collection is a way to know about the most updated and demanded website designs on the internet.


It is a The hobbit inspired design that gives the design an interesting and adventurous outlook. Every component and character display appropriate color to uphold its originality. Plus, the interactive and responsive elements on the design adds more fun to the browsing experience of the visitors, which is the real reason for its increasing fame.



This professional looking design is in great demand among the web designers as it comes with a simple, sober and decent outlook that can allure any visitor. The amazing mixture of color in the backdrop adds elegance and style to the overall design and brings each the element embedded on it like tabs, navigation menu, images, etc in the spotlight.



With this creative and receptive design, it has become extremely easy to detain the online visitor’s attention. Plus, the lovely color combination and realistic touch which is given to the design has made it trendy and most preferred one by the designers. From menu icon to social media widgets, it consists of all the essential elements.



It is one of the most responsive and lively design that is mostly preferred for sports, news, and related websites. It features various tabs to direct the visitors to different pages and section of the design with ease. The vibrant color of the design blend with the right set of elements makes it a perfect design for great user experience.



This light and bright colored design display interesting sketch of various objects that can depict the concept of design more accurately. With clickable fields for images, it also showcases bold typography to introduce different sections of the design to the visitors. All the sections and blocks for images are neatly aligned that makes this trendy design perfect for various purposes.



This fascinating design showcases stationary items and other objects that will help you to convey the intention or objective of the website completely. The use of interactive and flexible elements for enhancement of visitors experiment has made this design trendy and popular. Plus, the attractive combination of color uplifts the entire appearance of the layout.



This popular design comes with a professional outlook as it evenly distributes all the responsive elements such as menu bar, login tab, images, etc on the bright background of the layout. The sober and decent appearance of the design can set the right impression of imprinted content on the viewer’s mind.



This impressive design is famous for the clean and realistic appearance of its exceptional layout. The bold typography imprinted on the dark background uplifts the effect of the content. In addition, this alluring design offers plenty of excellent elements for easy navigation and better browsing experience of the online visitors.


It is one of the best multimedia support designs that let you post audio, videos and other elements to entertainment the online visitors and make them stay on the website for a long time. Other than this, it provides excellent flexibility, which has made it admired by many web designers.



This modernized design lets you present a clear view of the goods and items to the visitors in an appealing manner. It comes with the wide sections for displaying images on the light and bright background of the layout that highlights the image placed on it. it is popularly chosen for e-commerce sites as it suits the concept perfectly.

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