In the present world of business, websites play a major role in determining the profile of the company. It is the website that appears cool helps to draw more visitors. A good impression will help you to increase the revenue. But designing a website is not as easy as it seems. Prior to the designing, it is essential to analyze the focus of the website. Some websites are very impressive and attractive. But at the same time they complicated. As a result, the visitors lose interest on the websites. Therefore at the time of designing the website both the utility and the appearance need to be taken into consideration. Here are 10 websites that will serve as good suggestions for designing websites.


The entire web page is designed on a white background with the primary name written in bright red color to draw the attention of the visitors. The white background signifies the simplicity of the website. The combination of red and white enhances the website view. Due to such a color combination, the website seems attractive and soberly elegant.


With a dark background and the drawing of designs on the main page of the website, this type of web page is a great way to attract people who are tech savvy. The designs on the website show the perfection skills. Such a great combination of dark background and drawing makes it easy for the user to understand the functioning of the website.


The front page of the website displays pictures different males and females in varied attire. This type of website design helps to describe the theme of the website. Such a website will be ideal for apparel business. The images of several males and females are high quality but also load fast. Such fast loading is the key attraction to the user.


This website shows men in suits with a dark brown background. The presence of the chess board is symbolic of class and strategy. This font is ideal for designing a website that deals with investment and planning. The layout is classic and a bit different from all the trendy web layouts. The uniqueness of this website lies within its layout.


Everyone understands money. But it is much essential to secure money in a proper way. In order to do that security is essential. Such a background can be used to design WebPages of security companies and antivirus. The layout represents the firm’s capability to provide better security to client’s money.


The dark background is suitable for creating a sense of mystery. The partially dark Eifel Tower is symbolic of something that is on the verge of extinction.


This type of dark yet colorful website can be used to symbolize the development of something. Such a design can be used by websites like that of a lifestyle company.


A lot can be expressed through pictures. A website expressing a story can be used to design websites such as that of social media.


A good design is something that is simple. This design can be inspirational for an architectural firm or a design studio.


These suggestions provided are greatly helpful in understanding how a website needs to be designed so that it is not only beautiful but should also feel effortless. Any individual or company wanting to increase the sales or user engagement of their website would be able to do it by taking inspiration from the websites mentioned above. After all, a good website is all you need when in e-market.

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