Online and offline businesses can generate a lot of revenue from cool website design. A cool and innovative website design can attract a lot of potential customers. The appearance of the website plays a very important role; it can make or break relationships with customers. A website that is tacky, buggy or slow to load can test the customer’s patience. Designing a website for a big company is not simple, it should reflect the company’s vision and also sell their product. Here are a few inspirational websites that have been successful in setting the benchmark for others:


When it comes to class, the British are always a step ahead of the people from around the world. British cars have always been the symbol of class. The powerful engine, the exquisite styling and the drama that is created by the fame of the Rolls Royce can be seen perfectly on the website. The black background of the website creates a mystery and suspense in the minds of the viewers which can be used to draw a maximum number of interested people.


The fame of Sean James interactive is global. Aspirants from, all around the world are aware of this name of Sean James interactive. The designer has gained quite some fame with the help of his works. The beautiful green background used on the web page of the website had been able to create a sense of enthusiasm in the minds of the young designers and aspirants.


Merix Studio is a studio that is responsible for making great playable HTML games. The website of Merix studio uses a brown background to make the web page even more impressive.


This is one of the most impressive web pages that can be seen in the present times. The beautiful animations used by the web page to describe the website and a tour around the city on screen is something out of the box. This sort of web page can be utilized by websites dealing with real estates and property dealing.


Just as the car is popular; similar is the popularity of the website. With the beautiful interface of the website, this type of font is an inspiration for the other car manufacturers. The web page represents simplicity, which can be used by other companies to draw customer’s attention.


The name and the web page of the product go hand in hand. The presence of red makes the page look more attractive and catchy.


Lacoste has been famous for making designer apparel. The Lacoste winter wear has been successful in drawing the attention of the people. Courtesy of the website that also gives a beautiful 360-degree view of the products.


The website has a beautiful contrast of blue background with neon writing. Similar font and appearance can be utilized by websites selling technological products.


This website design is picked because of its elegant and tasteful design. The use of colors and design elements look right in place. They make their statement in a subtle manner.



Being amongst the top most franchisees of pizza making, the name and fame of Domino’s is undeniable. They have revamped their website from time to time but this time with ‘The Pizza Legend’ they have upped their game. This website of ‘pizza legends’ is an inspiration for other restaurant chains to popularize their products.

These cool website designs will inspire you to make your website and how the company’s product, profile, and history defines the final design of the website. It offers different font type and color, making a huge difference.

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