If you are looking for some wonderful website to explore that would quench your thirst for a creative and fancy endeavour then look no further for we have a fantastic collection of most trending inspiring websites that will definitely impress you. These websites are creative, appealing and have a lot of wonderful design elements to hook you.


This site has a baby pink coloured background throughout which is replete with images in greyish black hue that complements the background theme. The visuals are catchy and the effect created by the design elements grasp the attention of audience. The typography used in the content is user-friendly and looks cool.



This site is sure to grab your attention in the first glance. Be its vibrant interface or the rapidly moving design elements, this site has a different feel to it which makes it click. The use of colours such as red, black, grey and white gives a surreal feel to the website and makes it look wonderful.


This is a simple site but one which has been made very creatively. The use of blue and white in this one gives it a contemporary feel and the bold and big typography adds laurels to the style. The design elements are impressive and the navigation is simple. You must check this one out.


This site has an appeal that can be at best described as the mix of vintage and contemporary. Not to mention the images on the site have a feel that takes you to the yester era and makes you feel delighted. The use of vibrant colours on a black backdrop makes it really wonderful.


This site is a treat for the eyes as it is sleek, stylish and creative. It uses the white backdrop and comes with an impressive typeface that makes the content readable and easy on the eyes. The primary colour palette on the website is black and white which is enhanced by colourful images.


This website pertains to that of a motion picture but the style of the site is awesome. It captures the attention of readers and the background music is also catchy. The site has an urban feel to it and uses the motion of videos of the primary character of the movie to endorse the site.


The style of this website is a mix of different designs which makes this website really chic and impressive. You can find a lot of blue and white on the background which is toppled by a lot of interesting images and designing and icons. The layout of the site is brilliant.


As the name suggests this site makes use of anime on the website to convey its message. The style has a mix of video game and computer desktop style. The site uses a lot of pink and white to display its content and icon. This site is really creative and innovative which makes it click among prospects.


This site uses a lot of white and red for its typography which makes it look visually appealing. The style is simplistic but the interface look catchy and the navigation is smooth without any clutter. The layout of the website is deliberately kept simple to aid the visitors.

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