Creative websites have always impressed audience and turned visitors into customers. The beauty about snazzy websites is that they have a target audience in mind and they stick to their themes and content as per their prospects. Here are a few fabulous, amazing and stylish inspiring websites that you must check out to get inspired to create yours.


This snazzy looking website looks chic and peppy, thanks to the flamboyant colours used to depict the collections in the store. The peppy look of the collection and the premium quality images helps to engage the audience and be hooked to the site. The use of colours like blue, hot pink, yellow etc. makes it really amazing.

Super Sync Sports


This is one of the cutest websites that you are likely to come across. It employs cartoon themed designing and uses a lot of cartoons and chic background music to convey its message. The design elements are cool and it uses a lot of pink and blue for the cartoons. The typeface on the website is also comical which makes the site look cool


This gourmet food website will make your love for food reach a whole new level. The premium quality images of great cuisine on the website make it really amazing. The use of bright colours and user friendly navigation makes it trendy. It has an upbeat style which impresses audience in the first glance.

Coralie Castot

This sleek and stylish website will make you succumb to its innate charm. With a hexagonal and honeycomb design on the interface, this site makes use of white and sky blue hues to display its content. It has a surreal feel to it which is enhanced by the immaculate designing that makes it trendy.


This law firm breaks all the conventions and flaunts a website that you are not likely to come across for law firms. It has amazing designing and cool design elements that keep you hooked and engage to look further. You are sure to be inspired with the use of bright colours and impressive image quality.


This website is the ultimate answer to all sites cool as the designing and interface is super amazing. The use of pink and turquoise makes it look chic and peppy and add to that the use of clay puppets and animated cartoons on the site gives it an adorable appeal.


This site looks uber chic and makes use of white and black primarily for its content and other icons. There is a mix of typeface that is employed in the content and a few colourful pictures amid the black and white settings make the site click. The design language is modern and endearing.


This is a very cute website that conveys its serious message with wit, The style of the website seems inspired from cartoon style and it uses a mix of colours such as purple, white, black and red on the website. The appearance of the website is amazing and the designing is sure to impress anyone.


This uber cool website is absolutely brilliant and the creative way in which it is designed makes it trendy. The use of subtle colours such as grey, black and white and premium images give a nice touch to its appearance. The content style and layout of the website is also different.


This site is wonderful as the layout is very clean and crisp which helps in avoiding the clutter that could have happened if the site was not designed right. It has a pristine white background and is replete with images of home décor but these images are placed very neatly which makes this site inspiring.

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