Here’s a collection of inspiring sites that will give you amazing ideas on creating exceptional inspiraton websites design. These collection holds up most updated and trending designs on the internet, which are extremely mind blowing in every area. These pieces of art are sure to motivate web designer to create astonishing and outstanding designs that match the expectation and demands of the online visitors.


This pixel perfect design contains excellent flexibility, details, and performance that can give your website a decent and professional outlook. It displays the contrasting color of white and black that uplifts the appearance of it. This design is getting trendy with its brilliance in the use of designing element for the better experience.


This black stylish design comes with touch sensitive elements that open up various options on just a touch. It supports multimedia elements as well, and it’s getting trendy due to its amazing arrangement of design components and elements. This impressive design has inspired many web designers with its uniqueness and exceptionality.  


This colorful and attractive design lets the images speaks as it majorly consists of blocks for posting clickable images and videos. Other options and elements are featured on the sidebar that brings everything together for the visitors. It is popularly used for the website on news, concerts, blogs, entertainment, etc.


With the sliding images of city, food, street and rooms, this design excels in displaying interesting and intriguing outlook. The blue and white color design comprises elements for easy browsing like the menu bar, search bar, clickable buttons to navigate on the different page and many more interesting elements that have made this design trendy for a long run.


It is a design that comes with simplicity and a sober color combination, which makes it look different and better from the complicated designs. It comprises of zoom in and zooms out images, the menu bar on the header, contact details at the bottom and other elements that are beautifully aligned on the layout.


It is a popular design among the designers who are working on the design that needs a simple yet interesting outlook. All the sections are well organized on the layout, which will set a good impression on the visitors. Plus, the elegance of the color combination used in the design amplifies the effectiveness of the design.


With the attractive black texture, this impressive design is trending in the web designing world. The middle of the design features a modish and stylish bike that can be viewed from every angle. Embedded with popular elements for playing videos, sharing files, sliding images, it creates a fun and exciting environment for browsing.  

Deliver Analytics

The use of bright colors such as white, blue, green and pink in the design makes it look colorful and lively. This trending design includes every useful element from the white spaces to content sections to image boxes for providing an easily understandable website design for the new online visitors.


This is a stylish and modish design, which is popularly used as an inspiration for the branding websites. Its dark color uplifts the image or content imprinted and attract the attention of the visitor instantly towards it. From wide blocks to small boxes, it lets you showcase the image elements in different forms and sizes.

Motiv Studio

This stunning and commendable design is among the most trendiest designs as it comes with a modern and creative touch that adds more interest and functionality to it. The entire layout of the design features blocks for images that are click sensitive and it zooms in and out on just a scroll.


With a broad space for images at the top, this intriguing design lets you introduce your website in a stylish way to the visitors. There are ample of elements and components feature in it to offer amazing functionality and smooth browsing experience. The ivory color background gives the design a smart and eye catchy appearance.


It is one of the best designs that are created by adding a creative and artistic touch to a simple layout. This imperial design comes with video effect as it keeps scrolling the images in the downward direction to give the visitor a complete guide of the website’s objective and concept.

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