Designers who are excited to know more about the trendy and modern website designs have reached the right spot as here, you’ll come across an elite collection of best inspiring websites that will surely become an inspirational source for you. Every web design enlisted in this collection is uniquely designed, which holds all the designing elements perfectly and provides flexible browsing.


It is one of the most coolest design and definitely its getting trendy due its animated and highly responsive layouts that has won everyone’s heart. Not just one color, but also this design displays all the lovely colors, which makes it appear more active and lively.  The wonderful elements such as tabs, icons, widgets, etc add more charm to it.

Experience Economy Study

Experience Economy Study

This design is a blast of colors as it displays bright and stunning colors to make the browsing experience more fun for the visitors. Hence, it is gaining popularity among the web designers. Plus, it contains plenty of space for contents that are highlighted with the bold and colorful typography.


With the view of waterside, this design displays a great mixture of white, black and yellow color. The clickable images with bold typography sustain the sense of modernization along with a magical touch of creativity. From menu bar to social media widgets, there’s everything featured in this design, which is also a reason for its popularity.  

UI Presentation Kit

With the light and dark color combination in an aligned pattern, this professional design is popularly used for the website based on apps. The eye-catchy images and elements related to various devices and gadgets make it easy to portray the intention and objective of the website. There are moving and animated elements as well for adding interest to the entire design.


With the amazing compilation of white, blue, red, and purple colored section, this trendy design has beat all the other design as it defines every part of the design with a simplicity. Featuring navigation menu at the top and all the other elements such as clickable text, sections, and useful widgets, it provides the visitors an outstanding and impressive experience.


This fascinating design showcases a video section at the top to introduce the objective of the website to visitors. Majorly, it contains a plain white color background, so every element such as home menu, navigation menu, and other components are clearly visible. In addition, it features clickable arrows to redirect visitors to more informative page or section.


This dark black colored design comes with a stylish and attractive look, which is increasing its popularity in web design world. With a different section for various purposes, it features related elements in every section to make it more understandable and easy for the online visitors.  Also, the blocks with glowing lights bring the particular component in the spotlight.


With the brilliant dragging feature, this modern and creative design has set a new inspiration for all the web designers. Every character, element and component display perfect color for making the overall design more interesting, meaningful and understandable. For easy sharing, it offers elements and widgets for the famous social media platform.


This decent and professional design showcases a hint of classiness and creativity that can excite any online visitor to take a closer look at it. Hence, it is most preferred design by the web designers and it majorly contains side by side aligned blocks for images, which can say a lot about the website. Plus, the useful elements adds more significance to the design.


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