The design styles impart character and uniqueness to any creation. They allow the design to stand apart from the crowd and influence the appeal of the design to the visitors. Read More

Most web designs utilize simple styles such as grid and metro to divert focus on the content rather the application itself. Though they work well for such websites, for applications that rely on aesthetics rather than content more options are required. Numerous Photoshop related styles are available for download that can be utilized to design new layouts for web applications and web pages.

Choose from hundreds of design styles such as gloss, matte, glitter, retro, sci-fi and so on and create the application you please instantly. Use the styles to create and modify the UI for mobile apps, web applications, game interfaces and web pages and also use them edit and design the graphic designs used on the page.

The style definitions for Photoshop can be downloaded and added to the existing database of the application and can be used directly to edit the styles used in application development. Here we take a look at the best styles used for application development, various examples on how to use the style and the sources for obtaining them.