The holidays best serves as a break from the daily jam-packed itineraries and bask in the celebration with family and friends. Whether it be ringing the bells, getting spooky or counting down the remaining seconds for a new chapter to unfold. What better of doing such is by attending an upcoming holiday party near you. What is much better? By throwing your own holiday party and inviting your family, friends and potential guests.

In our list down below, we have gathered and curated an extensive selection of holiday party flyer designs. Perfect for promotional materials, invitation card designs as well as a design reference for upcoming and future projects at hand. You may freely download examples in our heap of Thanksgiving flyer designs. We promise you that all are available in a downloadable format.

Holiday BBQ Party Flyer

Holiday BBQ Party Flyer

Summer Vacation Party Flyer

Summer Vacation Party flyer

Chalkboard Holiday Party Flyer

Chalkboard Holiday Party flyer

Holiday Party Flyer Designs

The holiday season is upon us and tis’ the perfect season to be jolly as well as revel with friends and celebrate the holidays with family. The beauty of the Christmas season is the gathering of loved ones; when the past meets the presents to inform the future. Don’t forget about the appetizing assortment of sustenance.

Scroll down below to view our list of Christmas Party flyer designs that demonstrates festivity and is set with different design styles. For more design selection, you may skim through our heap of Christmas party poster designs. Which will of great help for advertising collateral, design projects and presentations and so on.

Decorative Holiday Party Flyer Design


With a prominent decorative design, it offers a direct visual messaging of what the flyer design is presented with. The design incorporates patterns and overlay design elements that make up the border. The typographical elements are then set in a quiet background to allow the elements to be readable especially with its delicate font type.

Another great feature of this specific holiday party flyer is its separate yet dominant use of colours for the design and technical elements bringing order and cohesiveness to the overall design.

Colourful Holiday Party Flyer Design


With the application of design elements as borders, helps in bringing emphasis on the text. The typographical elements are enclosed in a shape which gives a direct skim through the event information in it. As well as the composition of the typographical elements are simple and quiet to balance out the elements enclosing it.

Oktoberfest Celebratory Flyer Design

Oktoberfest is widely celebrated in the month of October, hence, the name. It originated in Germany with its high-quality creation of liquor and beer. Mostly, Oktoberfest flyer designs are set in heavily emphasized beverages, in this case, is a toned down display of the event with a festive take with its design.

Office Holiday Party Flyer

Office Holiday Party Flyer

Live Music Holiday Party Flyer

Live Music Holiday Party Flyer


Last on this list, is the month-long celebration of summer. A perfect design example to finish off the collection of Holiday Party flyer designs. It is no question that the combination of the colour yellow with black and white is a seamless mix for a color scheme. It incorporates an irregular type of layout bringing in a carefree personality to the design and overall exterior.

Keep in mind that using a yellow background is a tricky color during the printing process. Always make sure to have more color options and variations of the color yellow during the printing process.

Let Us Call It a Day.

We have more offerings to share with you. If you are to organize a beach party soon enough, that needs a attention grabbing promotional materials. We might have more design examples for such agenda. You may freely download designs in our heap of Beach Party Flyer designs for a more extensive design selection. We hope that collection of Holiday Party Flyer Design are of great help to you.

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