Politics is a tough business. Be it national, international, school or college. The adage ‘out of sight, out of mind’ applies very well in this line of work. In order to stay in the minds of the people and stay relevant in the political circles, politicians are well-known for adopting all kinds of gimmicks. You may also see Invitation Flyers.

Be it an election campaign or a public address, a politician’s popularity is measured by how much public they are able to pull in support. To do this one of the most famous and successful ploys is by creating and distributing a political flyer which supports a politician and his party or just a political figure. In the following compilation, we’ve got for you a set of political flyer designs. You may also see Promotional Flyers.

Political Flyer Template

File Format
  • Illustrator
  • InDesign
  • MS Word
  • Pages
  • Photoshop
  • Publisher

Size: US,A4


Political Debate Free Flyer

If there is a debate night scheduled to happen in a city or locality, this particular customizable political flyer sample is the best contender to edit and prep for doing the required publicity. You may also check Corporate Flyers.

High Resolution Free Political Flyer

This political flyer template is apt for students who want to customize and create a perfect political flyer advertising their candidature for the upcoming school or college elections.

Promotional Free Political Advertising Design

This is a comprehensive set of fully-customizable and fully-modifiable political flyer designs that can be used for a number of political publicity and campaigning purposes.

Political Campaign Flyer Design

Here is a political flyer which is wired with a minimal clean design and a cool color pallet. It’s apt for aspirants who want a conservative look. This is a versatile sample and can be tweaked to be used for all kinds of events.

Elegant Political Flyer Design

This is a complete flyer bundle which packed with multiple customizable flyer options that could be used to promote any political figure or activity. This flyer pack is available in three sizes: A4, A3, and US-letter.

Political Flyer Template

This is yet another very good flyer option which is laced with all kinds of good-looking and editable features. This one is 100 percent editable in Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Users can easily add or deduct elements.

Vote Election Flyer Template

Announce your vote appeal in a stylish and fitting manner. This well-designed election vote flyer can be easily edited and also be considered to be used in the capacity of an election poster.

Vote Political Flyer Mailer Template

This political flyer template comes packed with 4 solid presentational files which are fully-editable and will assist a user in creating a political flyer design according to their preferences.

High Quality Political Flyer

Check out one more great-looking flyer option which has the trimmings to give you and your political event the best publicity. This template is packed with well-organized PSD files which allow medications quickly and easily!

Stability Realistic Political Flyer

Regardless of what is going to be the nature of your political extravaganza, you can put your faith into this versatile flyer sample to give you the best political advertising in public. It is customizable in all aspects!

Photoshop Political Flyer

This political flyer design boasts of modern design, and it is easy to edit and use. The template is the perfect candidate for campaigns, political attacks, and much more.

Jane Political Flyer and Mailer Template

Give your political candidature the best boost by publicizing it on this political flyer sample. This template promises to give its recipient highest quality presentation. Fully-editable and includes free fonts.

Printable Red Political flyer

This is a printable ready-made flyer design which can be modified and redesigned to suit the desires of the project or client.

Digital Vote Political Flyer

This template is designed to allow users’ to reap maximum benefit out of its fully-customizable looks and aspects. There‘s not much one needs to do here. Download, personalize, print and distribute!

Patriotic Political Campaign Flyer

This is an 8.5″ x 11″ flyer which is laced with looks and features that can be edited and customized to cater to all kinds of promotional needs. The template is of high quality and customizable for free on both sides!

Download Political Flyer For You

Customizable Political Flyer Design

Ultimate Political Flyer Bundle

Political Campaign Flyer & Ad Template

Amazing Political Flyer DEsign

Political flyer designs are created with the goal that they have to make an impact. If a political flyer is not able to make a solid impression, it is an epic failure. But users don’t need to worry. On this page, we have listed the best and most power-packed political flyer samples!

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