Find the perfect way to invite your little one’s friends for a splendid birthday party or a tea party. Design a suiting holiday party invitation for your friends and family, using these hello kitty invitation templates for reference. They are cute and simple to edit, and what is more, they are loved by everyone. Get out your creative tools and craft project sheets and get to working on these templates to create something even lovelier. You may also see Spa Party Invitations.

Hello Kitty Rockstar Invitation

This attractive hello kitty theme template is beautiful and attractive to the eye. They are bright and colorful and can be aptly used for concert designs. Unlike most, this template can also be used for grown-up events. You may also see Family Reunion Invitations.

Fabulous Hello Kitty Invitation

This attractive glitter Hello Kitty invitation template is catchy to the eye because of the bright and lovely purple used as the main background and the soft lilac used it for the message.

Hello Kitty Digital Future Invitation

This simple hello kitty themed template is modern and can be used for various presentations and project proposals. They are cute and semi-professional. They also help in lightening the mood of the presentations.

Hello Kitty Birthday Invitation

This cute hello kitty invitation uses pink and blue as their primary colors, and is combined with stripes and polka dots for decoration. They are available in JPG format for downloading.

Hello Kitty Fancy Party Invitation

This hello kitty online invitation template is a soft pink with a beautiful font for the message in black. This makes the template look elegant and classy. The pure white cat too adds to the elegance.

Hello Kitty Wedding Invitation

This elegant hello kitty invitation is simple in a soft baby pink, with dark pink flowers decorating them on the sides. They are perfect for baby showers and weddings.

Download Invitation of Hello Kitty

This modern hello kitty design template is cute and adorable. The use of different fonts and styles make it look modern. They are available in high resolution and in various sizes.

Hello Kitty Baby Shower Invitations

This simple baby shower template is cute and serves the purpose. It is easy to edit and use. This affordable hello kitty design can be used for birthday parties too.

Personalized Hello Kitty Invitation

The colors used in this template are simple and yet, attractive to the eye because of the contrasting nature. The templates can be used for invitations, food labels or even for a thank you card.

Hello Kitty Tea Party Invitation

This tea party invitation of two kitty girls is adorable and attractive. This is available in high resolution and in various sizes. The use of fine detail on the kitties makes this template realistic.

Simple & Classic Kitty Invitation Design

This bold hello kitty party invitation template is attractive, with the use of bright baby colors of yellow, purple and pink, with bold fonts and writings in white. The bright colors and the big design makes this template attractive.

Printable Invitation for Hello Kitty

The main attraction of the template is the modern tree which is modern and abstract, making it look colorful and cute. These printable party invitations are the new thing now!

Hello Kitty Fashion Invitation

This hello kitty invitation style is bold with bright colors. This template uses abstract design and fonts to make this modern. It is available in high resolution and in many sizes.

Hello Kitty Digital Invitation

This rainbow colored invitation template is attractive and is available in JPEG format for downloading. The use of bright colors makes this invitation apt for children’s birthday and tea parties.

Simple & Classic Neon Invitation

This neon colored template is attractive and catchy to the eye. This is available in high resolution and in various sizes. They can be used for posters or even pub signs.

These templates are affordable and easily loved by children and adults alike. They are cool and attractive, which can be easily edited to suit your liking. Use them for your next birthday party or a cocktail party invitation and watch them swoon! Make it a project for the kids to design their own and add to the template.

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