Babies are a gift to mankind and if you are expecting a little one, a baby shower is the cutest way to arrange the welcome. Send across an invitation to bring your family and friends together on this momentous occasion. The announcement is best said with a baby shower invitations card. We have some really cute and beautiful designs that should help you arrange the material. Further, these invitations can both be sent online or printed on paper and sent as a proper card. Check them out!

Printable Casey’s Baby Shower Invitation

The Casey’s Printable Baby Shower Invitation here follows an amazing template and matches the personality of the event perfectly. This invitation card is soothing that you will like to treasure for a lifetime. Personalize it and send it across!

Baby Shower Envelope Card Invitation

This Baby Shower Printables invitation card design is strictly for printed materials. The theme follows an adorable color combination and design layout. You even get an envelope template to make the overall card look more personal and relevant.

Free Printable Baby Shower Invitation

It’s an occasion to celebrate and here’s a perfect way to call in your family and friends to a joyous get-together. The template is completely customizable but will just require editing the bare essential content to meet your requirements. You may also see Printable Party Invitations.

Printable Baby Girl Shower Invitation

A baby girl is the cutest thing on earth and if you have been blessed by one, there’s a reason to celebrate! Use this printable Baby Shower Invitation & Designs to organize the best party ever.

Clean & Elegant Baby Shower Invitation

Looking for a simple and elegant invitation card theme for baby showers? Check this design. Here the template follows an adorable theme and would be relevant for all kind of guests.

Printable Minnie Mouse Baby Shower Invitation

Is a baby girl on her way to add to your beautiful family? Well, here’s a very cute looking invitation design template that should rightly meet the occasion.

Fully Editable Baby Shower Invitation

This is one of the coolest baby shower invitation designs you would ever see. The template also offers full customization of design using any image editing application. Make it special!


Chalk Baby Shower Invitation

Here’s a unique template for baby shower invitation. Themed around a blackboard and chalk, the font here follows an interesting calligraphy that will catch the attention of anyone.

Rainbow Baby Shower Invitation

Looking for a colorful design for your baby shower invitation card? Here, the template follows a rainbow themed layout and would be a unique invitation material to go with.

Chevron Baby Shower Invitation

It’s a scrapbook style invitation card design for a baby shower and would be perfect if you are looking to make it the first ever moments of your baby’s life.

Gender Baby Shower Invitation

In this case, the baby shower invitation card design follows a unique and creative theme that lay out surprises in every fold. It would be a perfect material if you are also looking to introduce the little one among your friends and family.

Printable Mickey Mouse Baby Shower Invitation

Mickey Mouse is one of the most loved cartoon characters from Disney and would be an apt inclusion in your baby shower invitation card design. The design here not only marks a cute announcement but will also become a treasure to keep.

Golden Baby Shower Party Invitation

Organizing a grand party on the occasion of your baby’s shower? Well, the moment needs to be baptized and what better way to announce than a golden card!

Printable Vintage Baby Shower Invitation

If you are looking for a vintage themed invitation card for baby showers, the find will be hard. However, we have one unique template that you can use to meet your requirements.

Baby Shower Announcement Invitation

Announcing the birth of a baby is one of the proudest moment for any man, woman or parent. Well, we have the perfect material to let you share your happiness with family members and friends.

Printable Pink Baby Shower Invitation


Hand Lettering Baby Shower Invitation


Pink Polka Dot Baby Shower Invite


Creative Baby Shower Invitation


Baby Shower Invitation with Baby Patterns


How to use these “Printable Baby Shower Invitations”?

All the above baby shower invitation card templates are offered in high resolutions and will be perfect for both online and physical distribution. If you are looking to share the invitation online, just do the necessary edits like the baby’s name, the date of the event, the venue and others and share the soft copy across. The card can also be printed and you just need to find the right kind of paper to add personality and charm to the announcement. You don’t need a lot of designing expertise to use these templates. In most cases, it just about editing the content and sending it to print or sharing online.

We hope you found the right kind of baby shower invitation design for your own proud occasion. It is important to note here that all the designs above have been contributed by some of the most creative graphic designers from across the globe. Most of these cards are also free to use and some charge a minimal fee for download. You may also see Invitation Designs.

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