There are very few people exist in this world who doesn’t like surprise parties. The surprise party can be given due to various occasions. The most common occasion for a surprise party is somebody’s birthday or anniversary. The other reasons can be promotion, important announcements, the pre-wedding parties, reunion and much more.

Each of the parties has their own flavor, thus, the party invitations also have to be unique and it must carry the message of the party in a most effective way. Like the theme of kid’s birthday invitations must be different from any official surprise parties. Let’s check out some surprise party invitations.You may also see Graduation Party Invitations.

Surprise Party Invitation

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Size: 4×6 Inches, 5×7 Inches + Bleed


Fully Editable Surprise Party Invitation

The colorful and creative party invitation is perfect to convey a message of the surprise birthday party. If you are planning on throwing a colorful birthday party, then this card is the best option. You may also see Acrylic Invitations.

Surprise Evergreen Event Party Invitation

The Surprise Evergreen Event Party Invitation portrays a classic look of invitation cards. This party invitation is short, crisp and clear to convey the message in a most traditional way. Apart from the birthday invitations, it can also used for surprise retirement parties.

Simple & Classic Surprise Party Invitation

If you are looking for crisp, sophisticated invitations for your party, then this card design is perfect for you. The information is just put in the card simply and elegantly.

Printable Surprise Party Invitation

The colorful party invitation gives you the opportunity to put the picture of the person for whom the occasion is for. This printable party invitation is especially suited for the surprise parties for the kids.

Surprise Birthday Party Invitation

The colorful party invitation is ideally suited for a fun surprise party. Whether you are giving a birthday party to your friend, or celebrating his last bachelor ride, this invitation is perfect for both the occasions.

Retro Surprise Gift Party Invitation Design

The Colorful surprise party design is ideally suited for the retro themed parties. Even if you are not throwing a retro party, this design is perfect for a crazy surprise party.

PSD Invitation for Surprise Party

This is a PSD Invitation for the elegant and sophisticated surprise parties. The invitation cards contain all the necessary information, along with the details of the surprise party plan. Overall this is a compact invitation of the party.

Kids Christmas Surprise Party Invitation

Christmas is always a chance to enjoy the celebration, party and spending good times with your family. The kids look forward to this festival throughout the year. So, to give your kid a perfect surprise party the invitation must contain the color of Christmas and joy.

Surprise Party Online Invitation

This online invitation is perfect for a surprise birthday party for the kids. The colorful and well designed card is sure to portray the message in most effective way.

Elizabeth Surprise Party Invitation

The sophisticated, elegant party invitation fulfills the need of a creative wording invitation. If you are to give special message about the theme or the other aspects of the party, then this template is perfect for you.

Turquoise Surprise Party Invite Card

The Turquoise Surprise Party Invite Card is colorful yet very sophisticated for the birthday, anniversary or the other surprise parties for any adults. It can also be used for the surprise parties of the workplace.

Gold Glitter Surprise Party Invitation

This invitation is chic, sophisticated and suitable for the need of any surprise party. The surprise parties related to special occasions like wedding or baby shower is specially suited with this invitation.

Royal Blue Surprise Party Invitation

The glittering surprise party invitation is especially designed for the surprise party of any stylish individuals. Especially the birthday of any beautiful girl can be celebrated with this invitation card.

Retirement Surprise Party Invitation Template

The surprise parties for the retirement, 40 years of service, are always very special for any adults. The parties need to carry a serious message along with the promise of fun. This template is perfect for such special occasions.

Confidential Surprise Party Invitations

If you need to keep the invitation for your party confidential, then this invitation is perfect for you. Keep the tone of writing formal or informal to convey the message you want to give to your guests.

Black Gold Surprise Party Card

High Resolution Surprise Party Invitation

Elegant Surprise Invitation Card

Vintage Custom Surprise Invitation

As no party is completed without the invitations, the invitations aren’t completed without a perfect design. The cocktail party invitation must be different from the invitation of a kid’s birthday party. So, after designing the theme for any party you must select a perfect invitation design to make the first impression of the party successful.

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