The hospitality industry faces huge competition but alongside, the opportunities too are endless. With the right type of campaign and service quality, hoteliers can expect to expand exponentially. Be it a home stay, a hostel, or a luxury resort, each one needs to make enough impact with both online and offline advertising. Below we present some of the most exciting hotel Banner Designs that can completely transform your physical marketing campaigns.

Free Hotel Advertising Banner Design

A beautiful and vibrant banner for hotels, you can use this to mark any special occasion or just use it as a regular promotional material for your destination. The design is offered in PSD and is completely customizable. You may also see Hanging Banners.

Luxury Hotel Banner Designs

Luxury Hotel Banner Design

Looking for new promotional materials for your luxury hotel? We have a really fresh and unique design here that should do your job perfectly.You may also see Grand Opening Banners

Hotel Roll-Up Banner

Hotel Roll Up Hotel Banner

Roll-Up Banners is perfect to be used when you are hosting special conferences, seminars, and similar events. These roll up banners can be out just about anywhere to make an impressive brand presence.

Retro Hotel Sign Banner Design

Retro Hotel Banner Sign Design

Hosting a retro-themed party at your hotel? Well, we have something very special and unique to match your theme. This retro banner can be easily customized to include your event information and create the mood.

PSD Hotel Banner

Hotel PSD Design Banner

Another impressive banner template for hotel marketing, this design holds the several different aspects of your hospitality that you would want to showcase. The banner comes in high resolution and suits all kinds of application.

Vector Hotel Banner Designs

Merry Christmas Cards

Offered as a vector image, this design can be completely customized to integrate your promotional content. Just stick to the design format to make an everlasting impression.

Free Hotel Banner For Download

Free Hotel Banner Design

Looking for amazing hotel banner ideas? Revamp your current promotional banner design into this modern and dynamic template. We guarantee that it will capture all the attention!

Hotel Billboard Banner Design

Hotel Billboard Banner Design

Billboard banners can be great marketing tools, especially if you are looking to capture the attention of visiting tourists. Well, we have a special design that should serve your purpose well! Just customize it as necessary and get ready to entertain.

Vintage Hotel Banner

Vintage Hotel Banner

Do you run a vintage themed hotel or organizing an event that looks back at the vintage lifestyle? If that so, we have a great looking banner for your promotion.

Colorful Hotel Banner Design


In the hospitality industry, most of the success depends on how you present your business. Since banners and hoardings are important marketing tools, we have a great looking template for you.

Hotel Web Banner Designs

Hotel Web Banner Design

Looking for a great looking website banner for your hotel? This light template has been creatively done and should integrate your promotional messages in a great way.

Simple Hotel Banner

Simple Hotel Banner Design

If you are someone who believes that success lies in simplicity, we have the perfect promotional banner in place. The simple but elegant design should help you cater to your guests effectively.

Editable Hotel Banner Design

Editable Hotel Banner Design

The following banner is completely customizable and comes as a layered PSD. You can choose to change each and every element in the design but we suggest sticking to the theme. Just put in the right content and you should be good to go.You may also see Restaurant Banners

All the above hotel advertising banners have been designed by some of the most creative professionals from across the globe. Each is offered in the highest quality and would be a unique and fresh idea to deploy in your marketing or advertising campaign. Just make sure that you do justice to the quality of the banner!

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