This Christmas, celebrate and spread joy by sending invitation cards and holiday cards for parties that you are planning to hold. These set of templates are creative borders and frames for your cards and customized invitations. They are Christmas themed, and different range of styles, from vintage and classy to formal for office use. They are creative and attractive to the eye, one of its kinds. These free happy Christmas Cliparts are personal and send your message clearly to your loved ones.

Free Christmas Tree Clipart

This Christmas tree is simple and pretty, with colorful lights and bauble decorations placed on the tree. The colors are attractive and complement well with each other, bringing on a Christmas cheer.You may also see Thanksgiving Clipart.

Free Merry Christmas Clipart

If you’re looking for a classy card template for your customers in your shop, like a gift card, this is the one for you. This clipart design is given in a beautiful green background, golden snowflakes and classy font.You may also see Free Birthday Clipart.

Free Printable Christmas Clipart

This creative clipart design is available in many sizes. The colors in this clipart are attractive and bright. With many elements like Christmas tree, Santa, reindeer, and gifts are brought together.You may also see Free Halloween Clipart.

Free Christmas Clipart Border

This bright and simple Christmas clipart border is beautiful and is available in bright Christmas colors of red and green, with a big red bow on top of the page. This border can be used for invitations.

Free Black and White Christmas Clipart

Written in a beautiful calligraphy font, the black and white clipart poster is attractive and creative. With holly and pigeons, the clipart can be resized to suit your project needs.

Free Christmas Star Clipart

This clipart of a red bold Christmas star is simple and plain, but bold and attractive. The clipart is easy to download and use and can be used for various fillers for invitation cards and projects.

Free Christmas Animated Clipart

These free clipart are beautiful and serve its purpose well. The Christmas tree clipart is available in GIF format, with the Christmas decorations and baubles twinkling pleasantly. This is perfect for e-cards for friends.

Free Cute Christmas Clipart

This Christmas tree clipart is simple, with bold drawing and color. The tree is simple, with red baubles and a gold star. This cartoon template file is available in PNG format and in many sizes.

Free Vintage Christmas Clipart

This black and white Santa clipart is cute, as he is in his usual bouncy self. This clipart is very easy to download and customize. Download them in various sizes and add this to a part of your decorations.

Free Christmas Animal Clipart

This animal clipart is simple, with bold drawing and forms of animals. This tiger clipart is cute and friendly looking. Use this as a template to decorate your daughter’s bedroom.

Free Christmas Cookie Cliparts

These set of cookie clipart for decoration is cute and adorable to use for birthday parties or for Christmas tea parties. They are in a simple form, a gingerbread brown for the base, with green and red decorations.

Free Christmas Decoration Clipart

The colors used in this clipart are bright and attractive to the eye. The Christmas decoration bauble clipart is made easy for download and so don’t hesitate to use it as filler for your invitation card.

Free Elegant Christmas Cliparts

These set of Christmas clipart designs are cute and colorful, made with tiny details, with contours and highlights. They are perfect for invitation cards and can be resized and used.

Free Editable Christmas Clipart

The clipart in this site is a cute Santa, with his bag full of gifts. The cheery Santa and the other elements are given bright colors, with contours and highlights. This is available in PNG format.

Free Simple Christmas Clipart

This Christmas tree template is abstract and modern, differing from the regular Christmas tree clipart designs. The colors used are green, red, and brown and yellow, which is attractive.

Free Tropical Christmas Clipart

This is perfect clipart for a tropical Christmas themed party invitation posters and card. The palm tree is decorated with lights and decorations, with colorful gifts at the bottom.

Free High-Resolution Jingle Bells Clipart

This clipart contains Christmas chiming bells, decorated with Christmas cherries. The colors used in this clipart are attractive, and in available in PNG format for use. This is also available in various sizes.

Free Vector Christmas Clipart

This Christmas tree vector design is abstract and modern, where conical figures representing Christmas trees are given with modern decorations. This file is available in EPS format for your needs.

Free Horse Christmas Clipart

Check out this cute horse clipart prancing joyously, welcoming Christmas. This cute horse clipart is made in dark brown, with black for its hooves and mane. This is available in JPG format.

Free Retro Christmas Clipart

Use this retro vector for your themed party invitation or even for a holiday card to send to your friends and family. This clipart is made in steel green, with details in white for the decorations for the tree.

Christmas Tree Silhouettes Clipart

This Christmas clipart is classy and beautiful. This silhouette is given in red, with an appearance as though the light is shining through the middle. They are available in EPS, Al, and JPEG format

How to use these “Free Christmas Clipart”?

These set of Christmas clipart templates provided are simple and can be easily downloaded for your use. They are present for your every occasion, for office and professional use, and also for your children’s use. These templates have clear instructions on the type of file they are provided in and how to customize, on downloading.

They can be used for invitation cards, fillers for banners, posters, and other creative projects, lie for game activities and house decorations during the Christmas time. The file needed for downloading these templates are simple and are mentioned on downloading the files. Have fun to customize! You may also see Cartoon Clipart.

These free Christmas clipart are there for every occasion, whether you are looking for something for your office party invitation or for a holiday card to send out to your loved ones during this festive season. Check them out and start creating the perfect card for your Christmas dinner, or even use for a craft project.

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