Brochures are a big ploy which is being used by businesses and brands worldwide to market and promote their products and services. In the recent years, the popularity of brochures has seen steady and significant rise owing to how effective they have become in all their various avatars which are available and still upcoming. You may also see Electronic Brochures.

Taking cues from the fandom which brochures have acquired off-late, we decided to go on a mission and find for you the best-looking and most useful pop-up brochure samples which you can customize and use! You may also see Presentation Brochures.

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CCIS Free Pop-Up Brochure

This is an interesting pop-up brochure sample that has all the trimmings to be customized, edited and used to design the promotional brochure of any event such as seminars, exhibitions etc. You may also see Automotive Brochures.

Free 3D Pop Up Brochure Design

This is a fun 3D pop-up brochure design sample. Of course, it looks impressive but its main USP is that it is customizable and can be altered to re-become a pop-up brochure for absolutely any personal or professional endeavor. You may also see

The Last Hotel Free Pop-Up Brochure

If you’re hunting for ideas to how to create a more thematic pop-up brochure, check out this example. Although this is a mockup design, it is still replete with facets to give you more than just ideas for making a pop-up brochure for your project.

Leaflets Pop Up Store Brochure

Check out this versatile pop-up brochure sample. Created with unique design and laced with unique fonts, this sample could also role-play as a leaflet or flyer. This is a fully-customizable sample.

Stefan Sagmeister Pop-Up Brochure

Here’s another very good pop-up brochure sample which is wired with all the attributes which you’d need for making a suitable pop brochure for your brand.

Elegance Pop Up Brochure

This is a 16-page brochure design sample. Laced with editable and customizable aspects, feel free to take advantage of the multiple high-quality page layouts. The USP of this example is that this template boasts of full page pictures with pop-up information panels.

NASA Cube Sat Pop-Up Brochure

If you are in need of a brochure sample which lets you show off a technical presentation of a particular technical product, this sample should prove its worth for the purpose.

Street Art Pop up Brochure

If you’d like to utilize a brochure design for your creative projects, check out this example. This brochure template is high on street art elements. It’s elaborate and well-made. Fully editable in Adobe Photoshop.

Paris Pop-Up Brochure

If you’re looking for a travel or event brochure design which has Paris as its theme, check out this thematic pop-up brochure sample. Laced with customizable elements, you should have a field day incorporating your brochure design into something like this!

Pop-up Portfolio Project Brochure

Check out this brochure design which has all the makings of being converted into a catalog too if you wish. The pages are loaded with pop-up images and information.

Mouse Pop Up Brochure

Give your computer-related brochure design a big boost by using this thematic brochure sample. Ideal for use in school projects, corporate events etc.

SDF Pop-up Brochure

This is another very attractive pop-up brochure alternative that can be worked with and revised to become the pop-up brochure for promoting your business!

Pop-up brochures are exciting and there’s a lovely suspense factor which they possess. If you or your clients are deeply inclined towards this style of brochures, our collection of pop-up brochure examples should address and meet your expectations to the maximum. Download all examples and keep in your library.

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