Ever had one of those moments when you somehow lost track of time and can’t even tell what day of the week it is much less the date? There is absolutely no telling what kind of embarrassing situations you will find yourself in just because of this. You might miss certain crucial appointments, like a job interview, project deadlines, a date with your crush or–heaven forbid–even anniversary dinner with your partner.

This is why calendars are so important. You can buy those regular, run of the mill designs you can see in the stores, of course. But why settle for mass-produced when you can design your own. Scroll through our list of monthly calendar designs or head over to our collection of Desk Calendars for ideas.

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Printable Monthly Calendar


Downloadable Monthly Calendar Design


Blank Monthly Calendar


Free Monthly Calendar Design


Different Faces of Monthly Calendars

If you are going to be looking at something constantly, it might as well be at something designed to be both easy on the eyes as well as comforting to look at. Of course, we know that everyone has their own taste, which is why we offer different designs for you to choose from.

  • Flowers in Bloom

Flowers are not just mere feminine representations, they are also symbols of elegance as well as class. Not only that, but having flowers in a calendar design adds a sort of contrast, and therefore is a complement, to the utilitarian functions of the calendar.

  • Picture Perfect

Pictures speak a thousand words. Advertise your company products or even just your personal preferences (whether in food, fashion or interior design) on your calendars by adding pictures of them on your calendar design. Just be sure you don’t get too hungry when looking at those photos of delicious eatables.

  • Simple Pleasures

If the spartan lifestyle is the way for you, worry not. We also have minimalist designs that show only the essential information over a plain background like the “Printable Monthly Calendar” and the “Vertical Monthly Calendar Design”.


For more options, check out our Free Monthly Calendar and Wall Calendar lists.

Vertical Monthly Calendar Design


Monthly Fashion Calendar


Monthly Wall Calendar Design


Monthly Calendar Graphic Design


Monthly Calendar Types to Choose From

  • Blank Spaces

Blank calendars are great for those who want a ton of calendar pages that do not have expiry dates. If you’ve settled on a design you want to stick with for a long while, print as many as you want. All you have to do is add the year, month and days yourself. This assures you that you don’t have to buy or design another one every single year.

  • Go-Getters with Planners

For those with unbelievably busy schedules, planner calendars are a stylish and efficient way to keep track of all the goings-on in your life. Never miss a deadline, a client meeting or even a single birthday again. Put that planner to good use and fill her up with those important dates.

  • Perks of Having Wallflower

There is a reason why wall calendars are such popular giveaways during the New Year. Because it is their purpose to be hung on visible spots around the house, companies think that this is one of the best ways to advertise their products.

  • Top of the Desk

Desk calendars are handy and are the average salaryman’s best friend. Next to planners, these are also useful in keeping track of a busy schedule.


For more designs, take a look at our list of Event Calendars.

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