Let me clarify things here by saying that I’m writing under the impression that you are the blushing bride-to-be. I mean, out of the two of you, you’re the one more likely to really get in on the minute details of the wedding (of course).

So you two have finally decided that life will be so much better with each other (congrats, by the way), and now you can’t help yourself from scouring the interwebs for wedding invitation ideas. You might not even have a date yet, but who cares, right? Nonetheless, we have curated a collection of 8+ beautiful letterpress wedding invitation designs just for you. These Free Invitations are available for your perusal, so go ahead and click on the links to check them out!

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Formal Letterpress Wedding Invitation


DIY Letterpress Wedding Invitations


Vintage Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Letterpress Wedding Invitations Four Ways

As it’s obvious in this collection, these Free Wedding Invitations, though seemingly uniform in appearance, are actually so varied—each design unique and totally different from the rest—that I’m sure you’re bound to find something you’ll like.

  • Keepin’ It Simple

As always (and I believe you already know this), a simple, minimalist design is very forgiving: it looks clean and doesn’t take away from the important information, and there’s no way to mess it up as your incorporating a minimum number of elements. You see this in “Classic Letterpress Wedding Invitation” and “Modern Letterpress Wedding Invitation.”

  • Classy, Old School

There’s definitely a certain charm and quaintness in something like “Vintage Letterpress Wedding Invitation.” It’s one of those things that make you go, “They don’t make it like they used to anymore,” and sigh wistfully.

  • Watercolor Floral Arrangements

Add in a splash of color by including a wedding constant: flowers. Opt for “Floral Letterpress Wedding Invitation” for an attention-grabbing, awe-inspiring wedding invitation design.

  • Raised and Embossed Design Elements

If you’re not one for color but would like a little something to make your (future) invited guests ooh and aah, go for an embossed intricate border such as that in “Elegant letterpress Wedding Invitation” instead. It’s sure to leave quite an impression!

Modern Letterpress Wedding Invitation


Floral Letterpress Wedding Invitation

Custom Letterpress Wedding Invitation


Elegant letterpress Wedding Invitation

Why Letterpress Wedding Invitations?

Now that we’ve taken care of the different options for your Diy Wedding Invitations, humor me as I talk you through why you should go for letterpress.

  • Your wedding invites set the tone for the whole event.

Think of your wedding invitation as product packaging. When you buy, say, an eye shadow palette, you would check the packaging, yes? You would appreciate the quirky details on the box, the play on words, etc. The packaging is your first encounter/experience with the product and the brand. So if you have an impressive invite, your big day itself will no doubt be so.

  • Letterpress printing means handmade, tailored to your liking.

With letterpress printing, it’s all handmade and, therefore, unique to you. (Yep, these guys here aren’t templates though you can print them out and use them for inspiration.) If you’re quite the finicky type, you’re gonna love letterpress as what goes into your invites will have to need your say-so.

  • You can feel the difference.

As the name says, the letters are pressed onto the paper. That creates a raised or embossed effect, which people are absolutely gonna be impressed with.


So since you have seen the collection and read through the spiel, what are you waiting for? Check out the links now!

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