Right after the wedding, a baby is the next cause for excitement in your immediate circle. Then you have to plan the baby shower though you can’t be fully involved in it lest you lose the baby before you even get to the party (God forbid). But then again, that’s what your sisters and friends are for! Ha-ha! However, that doesn’t mean that you should completely take yourself out of the planning phase. Everyone does need your final say.

So what say you to these Free Baby Shower Invitations? Our collection of the 9+ best vintage baby shower invitations come in Photoshop PSD, PNG, AI Illustrator, etc. formats for ease of download and customizability! Go ahead and browse away!

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Baby Shower Menu Template

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 Vintage Baby Girl Shower Invitation

Vintage Baby Shower Invitation for Twins

DIY Vintage Baby Shower Invitation

Different Looks for Baby Shower Invitations

When you think about it, life is truly quite short. That’s why with every milestone, you truly ought to celebrate it, and there is not one quite as special as bringing in and welcoming a new life. It gives people hope and an inexplicable happiness—more so to you, the mother, and the rest of those in the immediate circle of family and friends.

With these Printable Baby Shower Invitations , you can mark such a special event. To top that off, these baby shower invitations also come in a variety of designs for you to choose from.

  • Rustic

There really is something to be said about the whimsy of different elements—the roughness of wood and the daintiness of flowers—coming together. Check out “Watercolor Vintage Baby Shower Invitation,” and you be the judge.

  • Chalkboard

This category is more of another variant of the previous. Here, you get “Printable Vintage Baby Shower Invitation” and “Chalkboard Vintage Baby Shower Invitation.”

  • Floral

Of course, you can’t skip the flowers. Choose between “Handmade Vintage Baby Shower Invitation” and “DIY Vintage Baby Shower Invitation.”

  • Symbolic

Nothing says baby more than a baby carriage. You can find that in “Vintage Baby Shower Invitation for Twins” and “Vintage Chevron Baby Shower Invitation.”

Vintage Chevron Baby Shower Invitation

Watercolor Vintage Baby Shower Invitation

Chalkboard Vintage Baby Shower Invitation

Vintage Baby Shower Invitation Card


What’s More with These Baby Shower Invites?

Given the incredible quality of these Baby Shower Cards, you’re probably scrabbling around in your head and thinking of more ways to use them. But for those of you who may be thinking, Whaaaaat? (yes, you can use these baby shower invitations for more than one purpose), here are a few suggestions:

  • Birthday Party Invitations

With a little something like “Handmade Vintage Baby Shower Invitation,” you can absolutely get away with using it as a birthday invite for your twelve-year-old girl even. Make sure that the party lands on the spring equinox, though, to have an authentic feel. Plus, you get instant décor around that time!

  • Save the Date Designs

Imagine “Watercolor Vintage Baby Shower Invitation” with different particulars: date, the kind of celebration, for whom, etc. More than a passing grade, yes?

  • Menu Card Design Ideas

Replace all the text in “Printable Vintage Baby Shower Invitation” and “Chalkboard Vintage Baby Shower Invitation” with some dinner courses and various other food items. The former could be one for the wedding while the latter could be one for a barbecue.


Now that you have the options and some suggestions, what are you waiting for? Check out the links and hit download!

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