A baby boy on the way and too excited to get your act together to plan a baby shower/announcement? Well, true, you ought not to be planning anything anyway since you can’t expose yourself to too much stress, but that’s what your sisters and friends are for! Ha-ha! However, that doesn’t mean that you should completely take yourself out of the planning phase. Everyone does need your final say.

So what say you to these Free Baby Shower Invitations? Our collection of the best baby shower invitations for boys come in JPG, Vector EPS, Ai Illustrator formats for ease of download and customizability!

Printable Baby Shower Invitation for Boy

Printable Baby Shower Invitation for Boys

Basketball Baby Boy Shower Invitation

Basketball Baby Boy Shower Invitation

Minnie Mouse Baby Boy Shower Invitation

Minnie Mouse Baby Boy Shower Invitation

Nautical Baby Boy Shower Invitation

Nautical Baby Boy Shower Invitation

Your Baby Boy, a Bundle of Joy

Life is truly quite short when you think about it. That’s why it’s easy to find so many things to celebrate, so many “milestones” to note. But there is none quite as special as welcoming a new life. It gives people hope and an inexplicable happinessmore so to you, the mother, and the rest in the immediate circle of family and friends.

With these downloadable Baby Shower Cards, you can mark such a special event, and you and your family and friends can revel in the hope and happiness that come with your bundle of joy. These baby shower invitations also come in a variety of designs.

  • Blue is the hue

The typical color choice, the “standard,” blue has been appended to all things male. You can make that delightful announcement with a cute little number like “Printable Baby Shower Invitation for Boy.”

  • Punderful

Slap on a little wordplay into your invites to make your would-be guests smile. “Basketball Baby Boy Shower Invitation” would be perfect for you!

  • A picture paints a thousand words

Sometimes words just escape us, and other times, words aren’t really necessary. Such is the case with “Free Baby Boy Shower Invitation.” Oh, and don’t forget about the particulars: venue, date, and time of the party.

Elephant Baby Shower Invitation for Boy

Elephant Baby Shower Invitation for Boy

DIY Baby Boy Shower Invitation

Diy Baby Boy Shower Invitation

Creative Baby Shower Invitation for Boy

Creative Baby Shower Invitation for Boy

Free Baby Boy Shower Invitation

Free Baby Boy Shower Invitation


Play around with It!

Now that you see all that you have to consider and work with, here are a few suggestions on how you can take these Printable Baby Shower Invitations up a notch!

  • Provide a sonogram

With something like “Free Baby Boy Shower Invitation,” where there are little spaces for pictures, since your little boy hasn’t had a photo op (sans the placenta) yet, you could use any one of your several copies of the sonogram. It gives that special touch. And we all know how emotional sonograms make people.

  • Not your ordinary card

Perhaps instead of the usual square or rectangular card in an envelope, you can opt for a baby-shaped card with all the illustration work and a “blanket” to act as its sleeve. This way, you get a killer invite and giveaway in one. (Plus, your guests are gonna feel guilty to throw it out.)

  • More décor

To add some more pizzazz (because we can never get enough of the pizzazz), adding some blue ribbons or tiny silver booties that are more like bracelet charms could definitely put in some oomph to your invites.

Now that you have the options and some suggestions, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and hit download!

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