A huge number of amazing artwork has been showcased as album covers on CDs and their cases. Designers find a lot of work in this industry because of the huge demand. And it is not just the hired designers, but even a lot of freelance designers have been able to make a decent living for themselves.

If you too are looking for such an amazing design for not the CD cover, but also for the case or the hard case they come in, then check out the complied list of some of the free and paid Coaster Mockups which you can look at for inspiration, or download and customize for your final product.

Realistic Mini CD Mock-up

Realistic Mini CD Mockup

Let’s start with the new generation smaller discs that have been use for a decade now. The layered downloadable PSD files will let you tinker with the original design to create something that meets your conditions and ideas.

CD Case & Disc Mock-ups

CD Case & Disc Mock-ups

This high resolution 5000 x 5000 px mockup will work for a CD of any size along with the square case it is supposed to be packed in. What makes it easy to use it the useful help file which has been included that will provide you with basic steps of how to work on the Photoshop file to create a realistic view.

Geometry Mirrored CD Mock-up

Geometry Mirrored CD Mock-ups

This design suits perfects to the triumphant theme which the designer was aiming for. This simple mockup is really pleasing to the eye. The idea initially was just a crown abstraction, but eventually turned out to be something amazing.

Watercolor Vintage Vinyl CD Mock-up

Watercolor vintage vinyl CD Mockup

Who doesn’t love a nice Vinyl CD? Though the vinyl record itself is vintage, what adds to the charm of it is the amazing watercolor illustration merged in the perfect colors of blue and purple. And also, it is free to download.

CD Realistic Sleeve Mock-up

CD Realistic Sleeve Mockup

Sometimes the design is not just for a CD, but for the entire sleeve. For such cases, this collection of 5 photorealistic high resolution mockup files will help you work with light and shadows and let you add your artwork to create your own design.

Digi Pack CD Mock-up

Digi Pack CD Mockup

This mockup contains 3 shots/angles of the design which comes with customizable backgrounds. The best thing about this mockup is that it is freely available for both personal and commercial purposes.

Fabulous DVD Case Mock-up

Fabulous DVD case Mockup

Check out this mockup series of 11 PSD files that will help you create professional results. Available in a resolution of 6000 x 4000 px, this mockup will be perfect for printing and putting your designs to use.

Retro Vintage CD Effect Mock-up

Retro Vintage CD Effect Mockup

Another free digipack mockup is on the list because of its amazing retro design on the cover which matches with the design inside. Not just that, the detailing inside the case, and perfect use of content on the unused side makes it a great mockup for any designer.

POP CD Display Mock-up

POP CD Display Mockup

This mockup is a good fit for web and print presentations. This easy to use layout uses just 4 layers wherein you can put your image or artwork, and within seconds you will have a presentable funky CD display.

Editable Compact Disc Mock-up

Editable Compact disc Mockup

If none of these have worked for you yet, then this is what you probably are looking for. This mockup contains all the possible views of a CD along with its case. Easily customizable, it gives you every basic detail to work on. And it is free too.

Software Box & CD Mock-up

Software Box & CD Mockup

Fantastic CD Case Mock-up

Fantastic CD Case Mockup

Branding Stationary CD Mock-up

Branding Stationery CDMockup

Cd and DVD Envelope Mock-up

Cd and DVD envelope mockup in two colors

Hip Hop CD Cover Mock-up

Hip Hop CD Cover Mock-up

CD Sleeve & Sticker Mock-up

CD Sleeve & Sticker Mockups

Open Cover CD Mock-up

Open Cover cd mockup

Burning CD Cover Mock-up

Burning CD Cover Mock-up

Though a lot of content is moving online and to remote servers, the use of CDs for the sheer purpose of storing data will never get old. And you can say that confidently knowing that just the music and gaming industry are always going to use it in whatever form they can.  And that is not even half of the entire CD industry.

These mockups and designs are really useful for people who are working with the design team or by themselves to come up with a design idea to perfectly brand their product. It is also helpful if you are working on your portfolio and just want to practice and showcase your design for people to look at, or even buy. You never know where your next paycheck might be coming from, especially when you are a designer.

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