There are a few mockups every designer desk should be proud to have; especially in their PSD formats. The PSD files mean they are amicable to extensive editing and customization which may not be possible for other formats. We know mock up designs are pretty handy for designers to showcase creative works and it saves a ton of time in our workflow. Device mock-ups are pretty usual these days, but still usable. People are often finding new ways to showcase their creative works. We have done a small research on that and we found the workspace Product Mockups designs are getting popular among UI designers.

Below is a list of some creative Browser Mockups selected from around the internet. So browse through them and easily use them in your work!

Elegant Business Desk Mock-up

Elegant Business Desk Mockup

This is a wonderful set of 4 psd files that are neatly layered and easy to edit using the concept of smart objects. It also includes example files and a manual. The black wood texture included makes for a wonderful template.

Desk Calendar Event Mock-up

Desk Calendar Event Mock-Up

Create a realistic Desk Calendar preview for your client in few seconds. Different angles of view and photorealistic backgrounds will help you promote your design the best way. Easy to replace pages with your designs using smart objects, double-click the Smart Layer, copy & paste your artwork, save, and you’re done!

Office Desk iMac Mock-up

office Desk imac mockup

This is a mockup of an office desk with an iMac. The design features very beautiful high definition image for your use in the project work.

Elegant Floating Desk Mock-up

Floating Desk Mockup

This is a floating desk mock up that can be used in your project work easily. It has a Macintosh on the desk.

Laptop On Wooden Desk Mock-up

Laptop on Wooden Desk Mockup

This is a mock up image of a wooden desk. The laptop kept on the wooden desk adds a very natural feel to the office environment.

iMac In Clean Workspace Desk Mock-up

iMac in clean workspace Desk Mockup

This is a layered psd package with smart object feature enabled, that allows you to imagine how your design would look in a real life scenario. It shows an iMac in a clean workspace setting.

Christmas Desk Mock-up Scene

Christmas Desk Mockup Scene

Christmas Desk Mockup Scene Creator was designed to promote your work like responsive web sites or make header / hero images for your web site, nice illustration for blog, magazine or something else. High resolution allows you to print your work on billboards. Easy add display image to device, easy to change color of device, background, table and make nice image to promote your work.

Flat Lay Wooden Desk Mock-up

Flat Lay Wooden Desk Mockup

This is a wooden desk with a cup of coffee and some flowers with a notepad and pen on a wooden table. It is quite fresh and beautiful to look at.

Simple Din A4 On Desk Mock-up

Simple DinA4 on desk Mockup

This is a simple cv mockup on a desk. You can use it in your project work.

Top View Office Desk Mock-up

Top view office desk mockup

This is a top view of an office desk that you can place your work on and look how it feels.

Macintosh Desk Mock-up Design

Macintosh Desk mock-up Design

Apple iMac on Desk Mock-up

Apple iMac on Desk Mockup

Electronic Gadgets Desk Mock-up

Electronic Gadgets Desk Mockup

Fabulous Desk Essentials Mock-up

Fabulous Desk Essentials Mock Up

Flat Set Of Desk Mock-up

Flat Set Of Desk Mockup

Photographer’s Desk Mock-up Pack

Photographer’s Desk MockUp Pack

Office Desk Mock-up Pack

Office Desk MockUp Pack

Creative Architect Desk Sketch Mock-up

Creative architect desk sketch mockup

Home Office Desk Mock-up

Home Office Desk mockup

The main advantage of using workspace image for design presentation is that it is not just presentation at all, it conveys the full potential of the design. This is really a great solution for client presentation. You can make high level of visual impact if you find some time for this, this is all about art direction. The presentation itself can be the description of your work if you utilize these workspace mock-ups in a wise manner.

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