Thinking about getting your work published, say, in a magazine? Wanna work on and print out your own? Your magazine company in the middle of redesigning? Well, that’s all gonna take a lot of work, and working on a magazine will take several rounds of revisions and a considerable amount of time. But perhaps with our collection of Free Mockup designs can help you out with that.

These creative magazine mock-up designs are practical benchmarks and will surely help you save time. They come in a variety of designs and formats, such as, PSD, Indesign, and AI for ease of customization.

Blank Magazine Mockup

Blank Magazine Mockup Download

Magazine Cover Mockup Design

Magazine Cover Mockup Design Download

Horizontal Magazine Mockup

Horizontal Magazine Mockup Download

Photorealistic Magazine Mockup

Single Page Magazine Mockup Download

A4 Magazine Mockup Design

A4 Magazine Mockup Design Download

iPad Magazine Mockup Design

iPad Magazine Mockup Design Download

According to . . .

Contrary to common knowledge, magazines don’t have a “one size fits all” type of a template (as you’ll find out in a little bit). Sure, plenty of layouts appear very similar; but as you can clearly see in this page, we have quite an assortment of Magazine Mockups available for you.

  • Size

Who would have thought that there actually were sizes other than the standard size (8 3⁄8″ x 10 7⁄8″) and the digest size (5 1⁄2″ x 8 1⁄4″ or 5 3⁄8″ x 8 3⁄8″)? Take “A4 Magazine Mockup Design,” for example. Remember, picking the right size is crucial as it dictates the kind and amount of content you will be able to include.

  • Shape

As for the shape, I honestly thought rectangles were as good as they were going to get. But apparently, you can opt for something that’s a bit more even and symmetrical like the “Square Magazine Mockup.”

  • Orientation

Another magazine misconception: I thought that portrait was the only way to go. As you can see in the majority of these creative magazine mock-ups, like, in the “Amazing Magazine Mockup in PSD,” the portrait orientation is quite popular. However, you can totally eighty-six the typical and go for—wait for it—landscape (as shown in “Landscape Magazine Mockup”).

Amazing Magazine Mockup in PSD

Realistic Magazine Mockup Download

Landscape Magazine Mockup

Landscape Magazine Mockup Download

Fashion Magazine Mockup Design

Fashion Magazine Mockup Design Download

Open Magazine Mockup Design

Open Magazine Mockup Design Download

Square Magazine Mockup

Square Magazine Mockup Download

To All Readers

Now you’re probably thinking who can possibly find these mock-ups useful aside from those already mentioned. Well, to answer that, here are a few:

  • Newcomers in the industry

To those just getting into the game, you’re gonna have to deal with several issues before you actually get to selling. There’s the whole issue of how you’re supposed to brand your magazine, what content ought to be included, who your target market is. Then there’s the issue of the look—the font, the layout, the pictures. And finally there’s the issue of cost. Here, you can at least take care of two of those things and devote less time on it in the process.

  • Redesigning

To those having to revamp the whole publication, I understand that it’s frustrating having to go back to square one and having to pitch another concept. To get things rolling, a good place to start would be here, if only for just inspiration.

  • School publication

To those working on your school ‘zine or paper, you might wanna check these mock-ups out before you start drafting.


Now that you have your options, go ahead and download! (But if you’re looking for more book-specific designs, check out these Book Cover Mockups.)

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