When a client or customer is able to get a glimpse of the final result of a product, it is a sign of assurance and provides relief. Product designers and developers are well-aware of this, so they devised a way to be able to accomplish that. They designed product mockups. These life-size scalable things have undoubted done a lot of good for brands across the world. Especially in the electronic goods industry, where a certain product can have many versions, designs etc. Television sets, for example. You must already know that product-lines of television sets is a rapidly expanding one. Whether its LED, LCD, old basic design, a clipboard mockup is necessary for its successful marketing.   

Amazing Sleek TV Mockup

Sleek TV Mockup

For a TV screen design that is super-sleek and paper-thin, this is the mockup you should be using to make an impression on your clients and customers. You get four different resolutions and 5 different viewing angles to choose from. The quality of the mockup is the highest and can be customized easily.

Television Display Mock-up


The rightly designed television mockup can pull customers’ buying interests immediately. Check out this photorealistic mounted television display mockup embellished with other décor elements. You could easily customize the mockup and ideally use it for creating logos, pictures, use on your website or in presentations.

Retro Old TV PSD Mockup

Old TV PSD Mockup

Need a TV mockup which features a television set which is old-school? Well, this is an 80s TV mockup which is good for use for personal and professional prospects. With desired customizations you can give your own spin to the mockup and use in your project.

Awesome Clean TV Mockup

Clean TV Mockup

Here’s a set of neatly compiled TV mockups in as many as four different viewing angles. The mockups are in PSD format and there are smart objects in them which you can replace or discard, depending on the needs of your project.   

Beautiful LCD TV Mockup

Mockup LCD TV

Here’s a sample LCD TV mockup, creatively designed in PSD format. All of the elements on the file are customizable and editable. Give your LCD television product a big boost by letting this mockup be your marketing dummy!

Flat Screen Tv Mockup

Screen tv mockup

This is a widescreen television mockup which you can use in its digital form to put up on websites, blogs and PowerPoint presentations. Or better, you could create a scalable life-size model of the same – not before customizing it to meet your product’s brief!  

Curved TV Mockup Pack

Curved TV Mockups Pack

If there is a curved TV set mockup which you need for your company then this high-resolution and premier-quality mockup caters to your needs just perfectly. There’s a single PSD file which has got all the original devices along with 10 pre-made examples. Resizing and altering the object perspectives won’t be necessary. You just need to replace the existing image with your screenshot, and all adjustments would get done automatically.

Television Display Mock-up


Check out this simple yet very stylish TV mockup of the 8 Relineo model. It’s premier quality and photorealistic. Not to forget it is easily customizable and you can produce a unique mockup design for your product.  

Living Room Tv Mock-up

Living Room Tv Mock-up

Attract clients and customers instantly by using this amazing living room TV mockup, not to  just show how good the product looks good on its own, but also how well it stands out among others in different settings such as this one – a living room setup with décor elements.

Apple TV Mockup Shots

Apple TV Mockup Shots

This PSD file contains 3 high-resolution mockup views of an Apple TV. It’s got all of the elements with which you can work to renovate the existing design to recreate one of your own for the product you’ve got.

Elegant PSD TV Mockup

Apple TV Mockup Shots

TV Show Promo Page Mockup

TV Show promo page MockUp

Modern Retro TV Image-Mockup

Modern Retro TV Image-Mockup

Creative Apple TV Mockup

Creative Apple TV Mockup

The things that TV mockups help product designers accomplish are amazing. However, for that to be possible designers need the right and perhaps the best mockup there is to do all that they need to do. Our selection of top-quality TV mockups ensures that designers have a field day doing TV mockup development for the products.

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