There is always an appeal to the idea of calling something your own. Whether it’s for commercial use (if you are starting your own business and need to get a head start on branding) or for something more personal (if you’re throwing an event and need to jazz up your giveaways), you can’t go wrong with getting your own perosnalized labels.

The labels available in this collection can be downloaded in the following easy-to-customize formats: PSD, Vector EPS, AI Illustrator. If you want more design choices or if you just prefer getting your hands at items at no cost, take a look at our Free Labels as well.

Personalized Address Label

Personalized Address Label

Personalized Food Label

Personalized Food Label


Personalized Clothing Label Mockup

Personalized Clothing Label


Personalized Juice Bottle Labels

Personalized Juice Bottle Label

Personalized Sticker Labels

Personalized Sticker Label


Different Types of Labels Available

  • Name Labels

Although we can’t just chalk it up to the human race’s tendency to be narcissistic, we also can’t deny the fact that it tickles the ego a little bit when we see an object with our name on it. Don’t you think your name would look good with one of those “Personalized Name Labels” on our list?

  • Address Labels

There’s no explanation needed for the “Personalized Address Label”, except to say that they’d be pretty handy when you stick them on objects you’d want back in case they get lost, like your luggage, journal and even your phone.

Available in this page are a variety of labels for different types of products, such as clothing, drink and Food Labels. If you’re well on your way to creating your own fashion brand, grab the “Personalize Clothing Label Mockup” to assist you with your design. If it’s food and drinks you want personalized, we’ve also got those designs for you. Refer to the “Personalized Juice Bottle Labels”, “Personalized Wine Labels”, “Personalized Beer Labels” and “Personalized Food Labels”.

  • Decorative Labels

Add some fun to your personal belongings or even your store’s products with the colors of the “Personalized Sticker Labels” and “Personalized Vector Labels”.

Personalized Beer Labels

Personalized Beer Label

Personalized Wedding Labels

Personalized Wedding Label


Personalized Vector Labels

Personalized Vector Label


An Array of Uses for These Personalized Labels

Due to the customizability of the items in this list, we can guarantee that you can use them in many different ways.

  • A Personal Agenda

They’re not labeled “personalized” for nothing (see what I did there?). You can download whichever design you are most attracted to and alter them to your liking. It doesn’t even have to feature your name. You can, instead, advertise your fandom and code in the title of your favorite book or TV show, print the labels and stick them on your personal belongings.

  • For All Events and Purposes

Do you want to add a creative twist to your invitations? Take it from the bride who opted for “Personalized Wine Labels” instead of the regular cards to notify her entourage. They even include pictures of the recipients, making these the ideal add-ons to a present. You can also stick labels like the “Personalized Bridal Shower Labels” on your giveaways to make them a little more memorable.

  • Marketing and Propaganda

If you’re starting out on a business venture selling items such as clothes, drinks or even food, you will find the designs you need with the choices listed in this page. For more labels designed specifically for beverages, you can also go to our Bottle Label listing.

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