The repetitively tiled background has become quite popular amongst website designers, as those can be used as seamless website background. It is essential to have a seamless background for the website, as it should not look cluttered, and flawless. The attention of the viewer should always be on the foreground elements and not the background image. The background texture or pattern should work at a subconscious level without drawing too much attention to it. You may also see Website Backgrounds

Baseball Background Pattern

If you have a website that sells sports equipment or any other merchandise for kids than the seamless baseball background texture would blend in perfectly. It displays the love to sports, and hence those who are sports lovers go for this beautiful option of baseball option.

Abstract Hexagon Website Pattern

The abstract hexagon background resembles stars and gemstones. The colored patterns in the black background stand out and create a striking contrast. Those who love designs in different shapes, can go for this wonderful option and enjoy a different design that can draw the attention of the viewers immediately and easily.

Abstract Mobile Background Pattern


The background works well for tech or web designers, it has all necessary elements needed by a designer or a tech enthusiast. The designers and art lovers love to go for this option that can show their different identity than a common man.

Abstract Website Background Pattern

background blue abstract website pattern vector 3523311

Furniture Background  Pattern

The geometrical patterns are embedded onto a black background, all the furniture elements are repetitive. Those who love their home and office look and furniture designs can go for this wonderful option.

Concrete Wall background Pattern

concrete wall background

Restaurant Website  Pattern

If you have a food blog or a website for a restaurant, then this pattern will work out nicely. The color palette for the pattern makes it more alluring for foodies, and the simplistic concept makes for a seamless background.  If you have a new venture in this sector, this pattern can add a great charm to your website.

Geometric Background Pattern

geometric pattern

Science Background  Pattern

The science texture which houses a lot of complex structures which have been inspired from different fields of engineering. It can be a brilliant design for a website or blog, which treats science and engineering as fun. For the geniuses, these logos are perfectly matching to their site and skillful work.

E-Learning Pattern Background

e learning

Stamp Pattern Background

People love to travel and explore different things, and the stamp designs from different countries make it more interesting. For the stamp collectors, this is an amazing option.

Black Floral Background Pattern


Vector Animal Background Pattern

The slightly pinkish and creamish pattern would work magnificently for children- stories and games. Many blogs related to pregnancy tend to have this kind of designs, to make it more fun. Different animals in different postures can make it more versatile and completely different than ordinary patterns.

Gold Poster Background Pattern

gold pattern poster background golden pattern continental background image for free download

Vector Cartoon Background Pattern

The black and red outlines create some interesting designs and these vector designs are scalable and can blend perfectly on any screen size. This can be used for a comic book strip or any other related work.

Watercolor Background Pattern


Vector Hand drawn Icon Background Pattern

Floral Garden Nature Background Patterns

floral garden nature pattern background 11029015 vector art at vecteezy

Birthday Background Patterns

Abstract Circled Background Pattern

Abstract Circled Background Pattern

 Black Grunge Background Pattern

Black Grunge Background Pattern

Party Background Pattern

Party Background Pattern

 Cloth Pattern

 Cloth Pattern

 Wooden Pattern Background

Wooden Pattern Background

These designs are free to download and can be edited in Photoshop or any other editing software if you wish to make any changes to the design. The patterns are relevant to a particular topic or genre. It can be a restaurant pattern, baseball pattern, abstract pattern, science pattern or other kinds of patterns relevant to the website’s theme. The pattern you choose will blend perfectly, and a few of these patterns are also vector graphics, so it is scalable, and it can be enlarged to fit any screen resolution. You can also see Web Backgrounds

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