After learning the basics of Photoshop, it will be the thirst of every designer to create something exclusive. The grey patterns available for free download can be used by the designers when it is required to depict serenity, soberness, composure as well as stillness. The colour between black and white is one of the most sophisticated choice and is loved by web designers as most of the other shades of colour can be used without any distortion keeping grey as the background.

Knotted Netting Grey Pattern

Knotted Netting Grey PatternDownload-button-17111111111113182111111111111111211121111111211111

Grey Floral Pattern for Website Background

Grey Floral Pattern for Website BackgroundDownload-button-17111111111113182111111111111111211121111111211111

Plaid Texture Seamless Pattern

Plaid Texture Seamless PatternDownload-button-17111111111113182111111111111111211121111111211111

Free Vector Elegant Seamless Gray Patterns

Free Vector Elegant Seamless Gray PatternsDownload-button-1711111111111318211111111111111121112111111121111

Grey Washed Wall Seamless Pattern

Grey Washed Wall Seamless PatternDownload-button-1711111111111318211111111111111121112111111121111

Subtle 3D Zebra Lines Pattern

Subtle 3D Zebra Line PatternDownload-button-17111111111113182111111111111111211121111111211111

Selecting as blog or website background

To create subtle or minimalist patterns for the website or any other designing campaigns, grey is possibly the finest choice for the web designers. Available in PAT file format, there are varieties of patterns available to use as the default backgrounds for the websites. These can be customised with the required designs and grey patterns. The free templates available for designing can be edited on Photoshop and be made into jpg or png files. The 3D or HD designs can also be used to create the website backgrounds.

Mirrored Squares Free Seamless Grey Pattern

Mirrored Free Seamless Grey PatternDownload-button-17111111111113182111111111111111211121111111211111

Crisp Paper Ruffles Pattern

Crisp Paper Ruffles PatternDownload-button-17111111111113182111111111111111211121111111211111

Wide Rectangles Free Seamless Grey Photoshop Pattern

Wide Rectangles Free Seamless Grey Photoshop PatternDownload-button-17111111111113182111111111111111211121111111211111

Grey Sandbag Free Seamless Photoshop Pattern

GRey Sand Seamless PatternDownload-button-1711111111111318211111111111111121112111111121111

Nasty Fabric Grey Pattern for Website Background

Nasty Fabric Grey Pattern for Website BackgroundDownload-button-17111111111113182111111111111111211121111111211111

Soft Mouse Pad Free Seamless Pattern for Photoshop

Soft Mouse Pad Free Seamless Pattern for Photoshop Download-button-17111111111113182111111111111111211121111111211111

Norwegian Rose Seamless Grey Pattern

Norwegian Rose Seamless Grey PatternDownload-button-17111111111113182111111111111111211121111111211111

Choose from the best pattern

With thousands of free options available like the Seamless cement pattern, Rose Grey pattern, Crisp Paper Vertical Stripes etc., a designer can opt for any background that they wish too. To make the design of the website stand out of the crowd, it is difficult at time to make the design impeccable. The choice of colour thus makes a difference and grey is definitely a maverick choice. To grab attention of the visitors, the seamless patterns of grey is a great option. The texts and other designs on grey backgrounds are easily readable as well.

Vaio Free Seamless Grezz Pattern

Vaio Free Seamless Grezz PatternDownload-button-17111111111113182111111111111111211121111111211111

45 degrees Fabric Textures Grey Pattern

45 degrees Fabric Textures Grey PatternDownload-button-17111111111113182111111111111111211121111111211111

Subtle Grey Pattern for Photoshop

Subtle Grey Pattern for PhotoshopDownload-button-17111111111113182111111111111111211121111111211111

Light Grey Floral Motif Pattern

Light Grey Floral Motif PatternDownload-button-17111111111113182111111111111111211121111111211111

Gray Jean Free Seamless Photoshop Pattern

Gray Jean PatternDownload-button-1711111111111318211111111111111121112111111121111

Dotnoise Light Grey Seamless Photoshop Pattern

Dotnoise Light Grey Seamless Photoshop PatternDownload-button-17111111111113182111111111111111211121111111211111

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