Everyone has felt the jitters when one has to give a presentation to a bunch of unknowing people, whose job is to be criticizing. Relieve yourself the burden of coming up with some skeleton to use for a fun presentation by checking out these cool business and strategy presentation templates, and impress them with your creativity. These templates are easy to use and edit, apt for any kind of company presentations. Check them out and have fun creating! You can also see Business Powerpoint Presentations.

Business Executive Man Pointing Presentation

This vector is simple, with its silhouette of a businessman pointing at a chart board. This can be used for business presentations in meetings or for meeting with the clients. You can also see School Presentations.

Executive Summary Presentation


This simple presentation is apt for those formal business presentations, as it uses light shades of blue and cream, which is complementing to each other. You can also see 3D Presentation Designs.

Executive Business PowerPoint Template

This template is free and is apt for those looking for a classy business PowerPoint design template. This is simple and easy to edit.

Corporate Executive Presentation Template

With its simple shapes and themes, this can be used for any kind of business presentations. This is available in many colors and can be easily edited.

Executive Powerpoint Presentation


These presentation templates have 60 unique slides, which can be used for any kind of business designs. The use of bright colors is attractive and great for company meetings and marketing meetings.

Multipurpose Executive Presentation Design

This presentation screams the word classy. With the use of white and black background, the statistics are given in bright colors, which are attractive and catchy to the eye.

Innovation Executive Powerpoint Template


These fully editable set of 70 slides are available in many colors. This is perfect for giving innovative marketing presentations.

Office Executive Horizontal Banner Presentation

This horizontal executive presentation template is colourful and bright, and yet, semi-formal looking, because of the use of cartoon businessman over them.

Executive Business Flyer Presentation

This sexy business presentation is available in PSD format, each layer is made separately, which is easy to edit and customize for your presentation. They are attractive and colourful and can be used for various business presentations, formal or otherwise.

Executive Meeting Corporate Presentation

This colourful vector design can be used for event meetings, conferences, Leadership training meeting etc. It is available in high resolution and can be easily edited.

Executive – Keynote Template


This keynote presentation slide is colourful and attractive, great to make a good impression, especially in marketing meetings. This template has 60+ slides and can be edited easily to your liking. They can be apt for both company and personal use.

Business Position Executive Plan Presentation

This horizontal business plan presentation template is colourful and simple, and has a modern look to it. This is available in EPS and JPG format, in various sizes.

Business Executive Meeting & Presentation

This cartoon vector is colourful and simple to use. This is attractive because of the use of bright colors. It also has a semi-formal look to it, which is apt for many companies. They are available in high resolution and in various sizes.

Executive Staffing Consultant Presentation

This cool abstract presentation template is modern looking and is apt for those semi-formal companies, which like to add fun to their company presentations.

Corporate Executive PowerPoint Template

This presentation is perfect for top managers, where this template can be downloaded in Microsoft PowerPoint 2007 or 2010. The silhouette and the blue curves template are classy and friendly looking.

Data Analysis Executive Presentation

Executive Managers PowerPoint Template

Co-operative Bank Executive Presentation

Beat the Monday blues by using these cool and colourful business and project presentation templates, which are easy to edit and use. The company will find something it likes among the million slides these templates it has to offer. Customize your own business or marketing presentations and beat the boredom by being creative with them.

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