If you want to add a dash of elegance on your computer screen then wonderful White Backgrounds will suit your purpose. The best part about white wallpapers is the charm that is executes. The colour white is a symbol of peace and serenity. So when you look at your desktop screen, you will feel relaxed as the white hue will soothe your troubled mind.Most often you will find white wallpapers with just a minimal dash of solid colour. This is done to focus on the white backdrop that creates a dramatic effect.

White Abstract Wallpaper

White Abstract WallpaperSource

White Flowers Wallpaper

White Flowers WallpaperSource

White Shadow Blossoms Wallpaper

White Shadow Blossoms WallpaperSource

White Macbook with Coffee Wallpaper

White Macbook with Coffee WallpaperSource

Pacific Ocean Black & White Wallpaper

Pacific Ocean Black & White WallpaperSource

The white hue helps in mental clarity, abets us to remove clutter from life, cleanse our soul and move on to better things in life. Adding all these attributes in the form of white wallpaper to your desktop will be really great.The different design elements used in white wallpapers are snowflakes, white solid hue, and abstract shapes. Digital weaves etc. All these wallpaper designs are impeccably beautiful and can be used as widescreen desktop wallpapers. The best part about these wallpapers is their availability in high quality. This allows you to retain the quality even when you use the wallpapers in full screen.

White Rose Wallpaper

White Rose WallpaperSource

White Floral Wallpaper

Wihte Floral WallpaperSource

White Porsche Wallpaper

White Porsche WallpaperSource

White Beauty Wallpaper

White Beauty WallpaperSource

White Cherry Flowers Wallpaper

White Cherry Flowers WallpaperSource

White Petals Mac Wallpaper

White Petals Mac WallpaperSource

White wallpapers are really inspiring and will evoke the feeling of peace and bliss each time you look at your computer screen. There are several classy designs available that will impress you like no other. These wallpapers are a great way to calm your mind and feel relaxed even when you are stressed at workplace.

White Fragile Butterfly Wallpaper

White Fragile Butterfly WallpaperSource

White & Blue Abstract Wallpaper

White & Blue Abstract WallpaperSource

White Partridge Bird Wallpaper

White Partridge Bird WallpaperSource

White Lotus Flower Wallpaper

White Lotus Flower WallpaperSource

White Horse Wallpaper

White Horse WallpaperSource

White Fox Mac Wallpaper

White Fox Mac WallpaperSource

 White Osteospermum Flower Wallpaper

 White Osteospermum Flower WallpaperSource

White Abstract Cubes Wallpaper

White Abstract Cubes WallpaperSource

White Lamborghini Wallpaper

White Lamborghini WallpaperSource

White Tulips Wallpaper

White Tulips WallpaperSource

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