Desktop wallpapers have witnessed an evolution just like technology has. As and when technology took leaps, even desktop wallpapers saw progression. Unlike earlier when desktop psychedelic backgrounds were just images spread out in different styles to deck up desktop appearance, now the deal and feel of desktop wallpapers is lot more different, diverse and moving. Yes, moving, that’s the correct word. All thanks to the upgrades and revisions done on the operating systems and platforms, desktop wallpapers are no longer just static images.

Howls Moving Castle Wallpaper

Howls Moving Castle WallpaperSource

Moving Fishes Tumbler Wallpaper

Moving Fishes Tumbler WallpaperSource

Download Motion Wallpaper

Download Motion Wallpaper Source

Amazing Moving Wallpaper For You

Amazing Moving Wallpaper For YouSource

 Moving Cellphone Wallpaper

Moving Cellphone Wallpaper


A new category of wallpapers has emerged and taken the design world by storm – Moving wallpapers. If you’re someone who hasn’t seen this phenomenon just yet, then let this post do it for you and introduce you to Moving Wallpapers.

Beautiful Moving Flower Wallpaper

Beautiful Moving Flower WallpaperSource

Psychedelic Moving Wallpaper For Free

Psychedelic Moving Wallpaper For FreeSource

Black & White Moving Wallpaper

Black & White Moving WallpaperSource

Sparkling Moving Backgrounds

Sparkling Moving BackgroundsSource

Moving Is Life Wallpaper

Moving Is Life WallpaperSource

Also known as ‘Live wallpaper’, this type of wallpapers literally infuses life into wallpapers. There is movement. You can actually see and feel things moving on your desktop screen. Moving wallpapers are of superior quality and have numerous kinds of images and scenes ‘moving’ out and about in them.

Colorful Motion Senses Wallpaper

Colorful Motion Senses WallpaperSource

Beautiful Cool Moving Wallpaper

Beautiful Cool Moving WallpaperSource

Awesome Circular Moving Wallpaper

Awesome Circular Moving WallpaperSource

 Moving Wallpapers For Desktop

Moving Wallpapers For DesktopSource

Nowadays popular Moving Wallpapers include psychedelic designs which create a sort of an optical illusion on the screen. If you’re looking to intrigue your friends, family, or colleagues, whenever they glance at your computer screen, we’d suggest you put up one of our Moving Wallpapers.

Decorative Blue Moving Wallpaper

Decorative Blue Moving WallpaperSource

Elegant Night Moving Wallpaper

Elegant Night Moving WallpaperSource

Diagonal Stripes Moving Wallpaper

Diagonal Stripes Moving WallpaperSource

Square Checker Moving Wallpaper

Square Checker Moving WallpaperSource

There is no doubt that Moving Wallpapers are a lot of fun. It is a new and exciting trend which has got things ‘moving’ in a direction. Take away from the HD wallpapers, widescreen desktop wallpapers, high quality wallpapers.  

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