With Christmas and New Year knocking on the doors of the world, it’s time for the designer community to make the best wallpapers and other designs for the season. The free templates available for easy download can be customised as per the need. These readymade samples are one of the best ways to promote any winter event with the Christmas background designs. In fact, these backgrounds can be effective for almost any design that relates to Christmas. These backgrounds can be used even for the New Year based designs.

Also check for Free PSD Christmas Icons

Blue Christmas Free Vector Background

Blue Christmas Free Vector Background

Glowing Christmas Background Free Vector

glowing christmas background

Merry Christmas Red and Golden Baubles Background

http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/blessed-christmas-background_821751.htm#term=christmas backgrounds&page=1&position=23

Beautiful Christmas Baubles Background for Poster Design


Christmas Background with Elegant Baubles

christmas background with elegant baubles

Free Vector Christmas Background with Confettis


Snow Christmas Background Free vector

free vector snow christmas background

A massive range of patterns

Warm Christmas Fireplace, Blazing Stars, Snowflake Background, Minimalist Background, Tree Background are some of the common patterns and background that are used for making the digital background and the wallpapers. The colour and the pixel count of the wallpaper can be easily customised depending on the space and design requirements. The wide range of colour combinations on the wallpapers will make the desktop look as bright and charming as the occasion. In fact, you can customise the themes of the winter season into a Christmas background.

Green Christmas Reindeer Vector Background

green christams reindeer background

Free Vector Merry Christmas Decoration Background


Blessed Merry Christmas Background Free Vector

blessed merry christmas background

Golden Christmas Tree Background for Greeting Card Designs


Abstract Free Vector Merry Christmas Background

abstract merry christmas background

Gold and Silver Free Vector Christmas Background

http://www.freepik.com/free-vector/christmas-village-background_821747.htm#term=christmas backgrounds&page=1&position=32

Happy New Year and Green Christmas Background with Baubles

christmas and happy new year background

Realistic Christmas Baubles Background Free Vector

realistic christmas baubles background

Beyond ordinary

Richly designed, brilliantly coloured, varyingly complex and easily modifiable templates for the Christmas background can be made in digital version in the popular format like that of JPG and PNG. Using the Photoshop and other tools, customise the colour shades to make your wallpapers look more customised and specific for the purpose. The personalised messages can help to break the monotony of the design. No matter whatever is your appetite for designing, Christmas backgrounds are must have design assets for any designer.

Colorful Merry Christmas Background

merry_christmas background

Free Vector Beautiful Christmas Snowflakes Background


Snowy Christmas background with Colorful Baubles

snowy christmas with colorful baubles

Snowy Christmas Village Background


Free Vector Red Baubles Christmas Background

red baubles christmas background free vector

Santa Claus Moon wide Desktop Background


Golden Ornamental Christmas and New Year Background


Christmas Card with White Trees Background


Heart Box Merry Christmas Background Free Vector

Heart Box Merry Christmas Background

Blue Christmas Snow Flakes Background

blue christmas background

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