A font should be the perfect blend of practicality and creativity. Through letters and words, a lot of ideas are put forward. The text in the foreground is quite important, as an effective text can sell products or make people react. The text should also be legible from far away. Selima font style is one such font, which can enchant and engage the user even from a distance. This font style is similar to brush letter writing; it tries to bring back the era of brush fonts and brush typography. The Selima font has been designed by Jroh Creative design studio from Indonesia. The font style uses unusual baseline and geometrical forms.

Download Selima Free Font

Download Selima Free Font

script design will help you connect with your customers or users. A paint brush is something we cherished during our childhood. The excitement with a tinge of nostalgia is portrayed subtly through the Selima paint brush font style. For those who love to paint, this is the most useful font. There are lots of areas where designing and painting is required and in all such areas, this font is almost inevitable. Gifts, drawings, invitations, designer cards and creative websites are some of the known areas where this font is used. For art lovers, this is a perfect way to display their creativity in different styles. A little and crispy writing in this font can also create expected effect on the viewers.

The Utility

This free to use font can be downloaded and used it for any kind of lifestyle, food blogs or websites. The graceful and elegant brush strokes can stand out against a dull background; it adds some exuberance to the logo or design.  It would work nicely for a food connoisseur’s blog or website. You can use the Selima free font style for an apparel brand, and also for creating different types of attractive offers for your online shopping website or brand.  The chic brush font can be quite vivacious and exhilarating.

The brush stroke can work out nicely for a poet who wishes to pen down or publish their original body of work. The simple brush strokes in shades of grey can drive home the point one intends to make.

The simple and minimalistic font can be used for a personal blog as well. The elegant font style can be used to tell your escapades as a traveller.

These free brush strokes can be used by a photographer or an artist who wants to publish online. For an artist, it is essential that the viewer understands the work or artwork created. And they may also want to add their thoughts to give an insight about the artwork.

The font by Jroh Creative design studio is totally free and can be downloaded easily. It can be aesthetically superior to other brush fonts and can be used in travel websites, blogs, and posters. The text blends with the background and can be used as a retro or vintage font. The retro look will be useful for a lot of apparel brands and music companies. You can take inspiration from the Selima font and design a similar yet distinctive font for your website.

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