With an appealing website, it becomes possible to increase the number of hits on a website. But the style of text or font on a website is quite important, because that helps in online marketing, generating higher revenue and more user engagement time. The Acute Typeface font is elegant and also resembles alate19th century or early 20th-century font styles. The font is a unique blend of mystique and elegance. You may also see Mi Teiyng Free Font

Acute Typeface Font

Acute Typeface Font

The Acute font type has an elegant geometrical form. The design has been inspired by rigid industrial structures, and that is evident in the design. The design shown here is in monotone and in only in Black and white and is only present in shades of grey. The grey color brings in sophistication and makes the acute font type to be more sophisticated. The white grey blend makes the font elegant to look at; it can be used in websites, which deal with high-end apparel and accessories. The Acute font type has some dynamism in the design; the lines from the font meet diagonally, which makes the font style to be livelier. It helps one to get special attention of viewers to the highly important points.

The Design

Even though the design is zestful and spirited, the design has a lot of poise. The image and the text which has been depicted here in the sample shows the source of inspiration, clouds or smoke near the chimney makes it more dramatic while being graceful. The font style can be utilized in science or websites pertaining to education. There are many other areas also where these fonts are used nowadays.

The Features

The Acute font type design is bold yet minimalistic. The sample provides the angle to showcase the angle at which the text has been designed. The tile-shaped geometrical formations on the roof of the house show the proper angle at which the font style has been designed.  The font style is bold, and there is a strong resemblance to posters from the 1920s-1930s. The letters feel active and lively, which makes it extremely interesting for the font design. Companies that sell sports goods and or actively participate in other dynamic activities can use this energetic font. For those who love to have a different look to their document or other invitation as well as literature surely love this font due to the lovely curves that make them look different than many other fonts available in the market.

The Width

One of the most notable features of this font is the width of the same that can be varied by the users. The width of the font changes in each letter, the letter, might be very thin at the edges and thick at the sides. You can use the font for adding text to your finished design. The font has become quite popular for various reasons, as it is distinctive and can appeal to any companies or websites.  The free Acute type font is a remarkable font, which makes life a lot easier for the company or editor.


This type of font will help to create a web page that is not unique but is also good to look at. The style of the font can be quite interesting to look at. With style the soberness and simplicity of font are remarkable. It has been inspired from the early days of industrialization and the posters from that time had a similar type of font style.This typeface font you can use in websites, which look to sell artifacts and antiques from the post-industrialization era. You can also see Yunus Handwriting Font

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