Neithane monoline script font is a modern and non-conventional style of typeface. The candid and flowing style of writing is perfect for different purposes like designing stylish banners, cards, blogs, and headers of websites, gift wrappers and many other things. This script is inclusive of 406 glyphs and supplementary characters that are included with open type attributes. The style consists of different alternative styles such as stylistic, swash, ligature and many others. The fluidic nature can be used to design the brand name of a certain liquid such as soft drinks or bottled water. The unique style of font is a great way to attract customers towards your product. So apart from using this font for naming purposes, it can also be used for designing the text of a website. You may also see Mekar Script Font

Neithan Monoline Script Font

neithan monoline script font

The Neithan Monoline font style has standard glyphs; the monoline fonts mostly have non-modulated font style. The Neithan Monoline Script has a lively and dynamic font style. It looks astounding on coffee cups or mugs, websites selling merchandise, select apparel brands, and other businesses. There are lots of areas where these fonts are used to provide a different look to the product as they can easily grab the attention of people. The outline and shading of fonts make them more special on different products. The curves of the fonts and the easy view can help the products to have a brilliant look with excellent text.

The Neithan Monoline script has a simple yet contemporary monoline script design. It can work for new age blogs and Apps, which need a zestful, and energetic font style. The font style can be edited and used on different platforms, like Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Illustrator & also CorelDraw.

It consists of different ligatures, and the design for each uppercase and lowercase letters are quite distinct. The Neithan Monoline Script can be used to design different kinds of posters for festivities & various events.  The versatility of the Neithan Monoline Script lets the designer to use it for websites, blogs and different types of cards. The Monoline Script can be utilized for making anniversary cards, birthday cards, visiting cards, and Valentine’s Day cards and on other various card designs. There are endless products where one can find the application of these fonts on a regular basis. In this age, even a lot of makers of different gift items also use these fonts to place different messages on various items.

The font style is legible on any screen resolution, and the font produces a lot of clarity and sharpness even when it is resized. Restaurants and food businesses can use the font style. The Neithan Monoline Script font can be quite rejuvenating & refreshing when compared to other formal font styles. The minimalistic & simplistic font style has a lot of stylistic alternates, swash alternates, Ligatures and various other options. Even with different steps of photoshop the texts with these fonts can be more effective.

The design follows a fluidic and flowy concept or style which is quite close the Italic or Cursive font style. The scalability of the Neithan Monoline Script font is quite diverse. The key or primary design element of the script is that it is quite thin and sharp. It has sharp edges, and can create an intense contrast in relation to the background.  The Neithan Monoline Script font design can be quite inspirational for designing apparels and garden websites, blogs, icons & posters. There are many known website developers who love to offer excellent look to the website with the help of these impressive fonts. You may also see Stone Stick Font.

The Neithan Monoline Script Font is a versatile font with numerous applications. Apart from using it to design the name of a product or a logo, this typeface finds a varied utility. This type of font can be used by nearly all the design platforms.

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