In a week’s time, it will be the thanksgiving dinner session for you, friends and family. And after that, the entire population will start working towards the holiday season. And when Christmas is so close, it is high time that you start preparing for your Christmas designs as well. To start with, you can check out our collection of cool Christmas photos and Christmas Images that you can either use in your design or use as a reference for reproducing a similar photo.

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Christmas Cover Photo

To start off with the list here is a picture that uses the Christmas decorations like the lights and the bells and balls. Download this picture for free to use for your personal and commercial design projects. You may also see Merry Christmas Images.

Christmas Card Photo

Check out this design for a great Christmas greeting card cover photo that you can download as an editable and free vector illustration from the below-mentioned link in a high-resolution copy.

Merry Christmas Photo

Here is an animated photo with multiple elements of Christmas stacked together as you would see around a Christmas tree. The sparkling lights are definitely a trick to learn for you guys.

Funny Christmas Photo

Here is a cute and funny picture of house pets, cat, and dog stealing the cookies and milk left out for Santa to have. Well, Santa wouldn’t have a problem with these cute stealing his things.

Christmas Tree Photo

This photo is very similar to the first photo that you saw when you compare the elements present in it. You can download the photo for free from the given link and reproduce it commercially as well.

Vintage Christmas Photo

If you are looking for a vintage Christmas photo with a dusky shade appeal to it then here is a chance to download this great stock photo available to you in a high-resolution for free.

Christmas Stock Photo

Here is another free stock photo that comprises of Christmas decoration balls sitting on snow with some other vines as well that fill up the frame. Check it out here at the below-mentioned link.

Christmas Gifts Photo

Stack up your gifts together in a nicely wrapped paper and try to click a photo of it from multiple angles. What you will get that not look much different from the free photo that you can download from the given link.

Christmas Snow Photo

Here is a realistic image of snow covered Christmas trees that are sitting in a terrain filled with snow. The tree does have some Christmas lighting around it to make it relevant to the theme of Christmas.

Christmas Desktop Photo

Here is a digitally illustrated image that contains multiple elements that you saw from the photos mentioned above. See if this photo is useful to you, otherwise, you can always use it as a reference to create an original artwork.

Christmas Bells Photo

Well, this photo is just an extension of most of the zoomed in Christmas tree photos that have been listed here. But instead of the Christmas balls, you will find the focus on Christmas bells here. And this is available for free.

Christmas Beach Photo

Usually, we go for a winter theme for Christmas. But you can also go for a warm sunny feel with the beach as the setting for your Christmas photo like this high-quality stock photo that you can download from the given link.

Christmas Background Photo

Here is another digitally created photo that will act as a decent background for your Christmas design. You should check out the link below as it also includes multiple other designs of a similar feel for you to use.

Christmas Wreath Photos

Wreaths are something you might have seen hanging on the entrance door of your neighbor. And in case you want a digital version of it, then download this free stock photo available to you as a jpeg image.

Christmas Decoration Photo

This photo shows a complete room with a fireplace and the Christmas tree next to it filled with the decorative items and the perfect soothing lighting. You can download the stock photo for free from the given link.

Colorful Christmas Photo


Cartoon Christmas Photo

Once you have downloaded the image, it is up to you to decide what you might want to use it for. It can either be just a photo that you use for your Christmas family photos idea with placing yourself in front of such a decorative background.

You can even use them as a background for other designs that may be for a greeting card that you send out to your friends and family, or a design that you approach a client with. These Christmas pictures and clipart don’t have to be particularly downloaded, as you can see how easy it seems to use your own camera and create a similar relevant photo.You may also see Free Easter Stock Images.

Christmas pictures are always a great way to start working on your Christmas designs. They are simple to produce and make the design relevant to the theme. Make sure to credit the original designer or the photographer wherever you can if you are using any of the designs. Otherwise, take out your phone and start clicking for some original work.

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