It is a time of the year when a great number of graphic designers start working on the designs for on the specific theme of Christmas. A lot of new designs come up, and also a lot of old ones are retouched and reproduced. Before you start on your designs, make sure you got all the design elements ready with you. To help you in a small proportion, here are royalty free images around the Christmas theme that you could use in your multiple design ideas.You may also see Free Easter Images.

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Free Merry Christmas Image

The first on the list is a digitally illustrated image that contains a whole bunch of design patterns and artwork with the glowing snowflakes that can act as a background for your Christmas designs.You may also see Free Stock Images.

Free Christian Christmas Image

Here is an image shared to us by photographer Rodion Kutsaev. You can look at the full-size image at the given link and even find the download option in case you think the image can be used in your design.You may also see Royalty Free Images.

Free Funny Christmas Image

Here is a stock image of a cute kitty a Santa hat holding the play toys. You can download this image of Santa Claws from the below provided link, or you could dress up your cat other pet for the occasion.

Free Animated Christmas Image

Christmas lights have a special feel to it. And here is a digitally illustrated image available for free that can act as a background for your greeting cards for this holiday season.

Free High-Resolution Christmas Image

Here is a high-resolution stock image that shows a bunch of Christmas gifts wrapped nicely lying around with a background of bokeh lights that can be achieved with a shallow depth of field.

Christmas Cartoon Image Free

Here is a cartoon image for your design inspiration. In the link provided below, the designer has shared the various elements that went into creating such a design. You too can do something similar to put up on your portfolio.

Christmas Greeting Image Free

Here is another image that shows the neatly wrapped Christmas gifts. You don’t have to particularly use these images as you can yourself recreate an image similar to this as long as you have the time and motivation to do that.

Free Clipart Christmas Star Image

Add the stars, lights, all the elements of glow that have to do with Christmas and you can create a clipart similar to what you see here. You can also check out related images in the link provided to add to your resources.

Free High-Quality Christmas Image

Here is a real clicked image of hands holding a snowglobe for the winter Christmas season. Use this image for free, or like mentioned before, click one for yourself that you can use for personal and commercial projects.

Free Christmas Dining Image

Free Vintage Christmas Image

Ornaments are also a big part of Christmas as it is not done without the decoration. And here is a simple decoration image that also wishes Christmas to the viewer that you can put up as the cover image for your design.

Free Abstract Christmas Image

Here is an abstract image with the background of Christmas but random numbers listed on top of it. It can be a great idea for the calendar sheet for the December month but with dates and days in order.

Free Baby Christmas Image

Here is another image with the bokeh effect in the background with the Christmas lights. Click on the link below to see this great image idea on the full width and download if you want to.

Free Black and White Christmas Image

Here is a great illustration that you can use freely even for your commercial projects as long as you don’t claim it to be your original work. Check out the link below to download this stock image.

Free HD Christmas Decorative Image

You can never forget the cakes and other desserts. And with the right setting and other elements, an image of cupcakes like this can definitely pass off for the Christmas season designs as well.

Free Colorful Santa Claus Image

Free Snow Flake Christmas Image


Free Christmas Ornament Image

Free Christmas Gift Image

Free Christmas Decoration Image

It is always great to have your resources ready before you start your work. And when you have multiple options for the same, it will give you more freedom to experiment with each of them and not make you stick to a rigid idea or a design style. Most of these images can be used even for commercial projects. And once you have downloaded them, you could use them as backgrounds for party invitations and flyers or create great greeting cards as they are something that will even provide you employment opportunities and add your work to your online portfolio.

These pretty images to download are available all over the web. You can even change your search query in case there is something specific you are looking for. If not, then these free Christmas images are going to be the best option for you for this holiday season designs. And know that you can always take out your own camera for the same.

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