Photography is a special skill. Photographers travel the world to capture winsome shots which wow audience far and wide. One of the places where you will find a stupendous collection of photography shots is in a Modern Photography Magazines.

Ask anybody who has a penchant and an eye for good-quality pictures, they will tell you that photography magazines are the real deal if you feel like catching a glimpse of the world’s best photogenic shots. In this article, we have put together a collection of digital photography magazine templates that you could use to showcase your works in.

Milka Magazine Interview Photography

This is a sample of the Milka magazine. As you can see, the pages are obviously photo-heavy so the designer has chosen to insert minimal text in the pages to complement the images used.

Product Magazine Layout Photography

This is a cutting-edge magazine design template which is versatile and can be used to showcase any kind of product, even photography. When you do outdoor shots or professional photography, this magazine template is replete with features and settings qualified to give you the best platform for your camerawork.

Business Magazine Cover Photography

This is yet another very good-looking magazine mockup. The cover showcases a corporate look, however, this sample fits the bill to exhibit photography works as well!

Outdoor Photography Magazine

This magazine template contains 12 pages – more than adequate for you to spread out your works of outdoor photography. This is an A4 sized magazine template. The design is fully professional.

Fashion Photography Magazine

If you specialize in fashion photography, check out this digital fashion magazine mockup. It contains 32 fully-editable and fully-customizable pages. With 300 DPI and print dimensions set as 17×11-inches, this mockup has the qualities to make the cut!

Art Digital Photography Magazine

Photographers who click art and artistic shots can take inspiration from this digital magazine cover template. All the elements in this vector are editable and resizable.

Nature Photography Magazine

For those of you who are connected to nature by your camera-lens, you would like to showcase your works in this specially-designed nature magazine sample. It is an A4-size magazine mockup and it has 26 high-quality, fully editable pages.

Wedding Photography Modern Magazine

Wedding photographers can flaunt their works in this magazine template. Whatever be the style of photography, as long as you do weddings, this 26-page mockup is wired with options and settings to give you all the space and flexibility to accommodate your pictures in it!

Portrait Photography Magazine

This is a fashion photography magazine bundle pack – it features 3 magazine templates – which have a clean and professional layout and design which you can work with, in Adobe Photoshop. This is an A4-size, portrait format magazine bundle!

Online Photography Magazine

This photography magazine mockup option would work perfectly for people who run photography studios. It contains the Welcome page, What to wear, and What to expect pages, information and prices on the sessions you offer etc. This template has 18 fully-designed pages.

Corporate Photography Magazine

If you’d like a magazine mockup which allows to display the works of all kinds of photographers, let us present to this versatile example. Be it corporate, fashion, nature, food, or outdoor, absolutely any kind of photography, this magazine mockup has space to accommodate all!

Senior Photography Magazine Template

Rise above the competition by choosing this thoroughly professional-looking magazine mockup to showcase your photogenic works. This magazine allows you to spread out your photos in a concise and clear manner, plus you can also include your list of other services and prices.

Traveler Photography Magazine

You know why this photography magazine template is an absolute favorite? Its pages are all black, against which photographs and text is placed. The final outcome is breathtaking! The magazine template contains 40 posh-black pages, A4 size.

Amazing Digital Magazine Photography

This photorealistic magazine sample is equipped with all the qualities and settings to be used as a photography magazine. This is a horizontal magazine template, pages of which can be customized to suit your creative vision.

Editorial Magazine Portrait Photography

GQ magazine is one of the premier fashion and lifestyle magazines. If you’re looking for inspiration for designing your own photography editorial, this template is brimming with ideas and much more!

Newborn Photography Magazine

Digital Design Magazine Photography

Real Advertising Magazine Photography

Juniper Publication Photography Magazine

Outdoor Photograph Magazine Cover

Digital photography magazine templates have been in vogue for quite some time now, and their popularity has soared now, thanks to the craze for photography. Each of the examples featured above is one of the best in the markets now. Download, customize and give your photography the identity and value it deserves!

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