Graduations are special occasions. Be it for a student or a teacher. For both parties, it will convey a sense of pride and create a significant impact. For a student, it could mean a career decision. For a mentor, this is an important aspect of the outward representation of them reaping success, courtesy of course of a protege.

Still and all, when pressed with such a culmination, where can you easily run to for Graduation Party Invitations that will detail everything necessary? Be it regarding the commencement exercises and post-ceremony parties? Check our listing!

High School Graduation Invitation Wording


Photoshop Graduation Invitation Wording


College Graduation Invitation Wording


Kindergarten Graduation Invitation Wording


Digital Graduation Invitation Wording


Because Today We Celebrate Your Achievement

  • Ready-For-the-World

Does this invitation immediately spell independence? Have you prepared yourself for your child’s leaving the nest? To finally leave home? We know that there will be mixed emotions for this day. Regardless if you’re child will pursue college or not, pick this “High School Graduation Invitation Wording.”

  • Be at the Apex

As a piece of advice, always tell the young ones that a college education is far more important than ever. Yes, generating income after high school is quite a tempting thought. But mind you, there aere more opportunities when you have a degree. Pick this “College Graduation Invitation Wording” for that much-awaited pay-off!

  • The Boost-Up

Certain graduates will try to set themselves further apart in the job market after college graduation. These individuals will gather their letters of recommendations and send in applications for a master’s degree. Do you know someone who had quite an interest in politics during his or her undergrad level and now wants to earn a master’s degree? This “Masters Graduation Invitation Wording” is worth your pick!

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University Graduation Invitation Wording


Elegant Graduation Invitation Wording


Masters Graduation Invitation Wording


 Printable Graduation Invitation Wording


Graduation Invitation Wording Samples


As Their Experience Gives a Beginning or an End

  • The First Stride

The first milestone in education: Graduating from kindergarten. Are you excited that your child will finally move to her sister’s big school? Scared that your child hasn’t progressed that well. Everybody has the same jitters. Why don’t you celebrate this milestone first!

  • The Send-Off

Are you a parent who has finally come full-circle that his or her child will be graduating from high school? Do you have an eldest son or daughter who caught you off guard as he or she will finally be walking the stage to get the diploma? Provide a much cherished emotional support for that day! Send an invite to everyone who has become a part of that journey with them. Send them off with a well-meaning party with their closest friends.

  • The Graduate School

Well, you have finally reached the pinnacle of education. You have finally completed that latter stage in a student’s life cycle. Needing an invite to send to friends and family for such an accomplishment? Pick the appropriate card and edit them in the first person, say, “I, [insert name here] proud to announce my graduation from…”


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