Already have a date set for your big day? Already overwhelmed by just the thought of all the preparations you have to make—say, the venue, the number of guests, the theme or feel, the decor, the giveaways, etc.? That’s a pretty hefty list on its own, so we perfectly understand if you feel like wringing your hair out after all that (please don’t!).

To help you get your wedding prep rollingand hopefully get one thing off your platehere’s something you might be interested in: Free Invitations. Yep. Wedding invitation templates that you can customize and print at home for free!

Cheap Rustic Floral Wedding Invitations

Cheap Rustic Floral Wedding InvitationDownload

Rustic Vintage Wedding Invitation

Rustic Vintage Wedding InvitationDownload

DIY Rustic Wedding Invitation

Diy Rustic Wedding InvitationDownload

Rustic Country Wedding Invitation

Rustic Country Wedding InvitationDownload

Rustic Wedding Shower Invitation

Rustic Wedding Shower InvitationDownload

Printable Rustic Wedding Invitation

Printable Rustic Wedding InvitationDownload

All Things Rustic

  • Unrefined beauty

You may notice the prevalence of the rustic theme in these Free Wedding Invitation templates. Now if you’re not quite familiar with the term (I highly doubt that), think of simple, unrefined, the countryside, rough wood… Really, there is something quite remarkable about different elements coming together to form an unlikely visual feast.

  • Wood and lace

Wood and lace, primarily, make for a delightful marriage (apt wedding reference, am I right?) in these wedding invite templates.

  • Floral florals

Another prevailing element apparent in these beautiful wedding invitation designs is flowers. Now you may think, Duh, weddings are practically synonymous with flowers! Touché. But when we say rustic, you better not kid around with the florals. Intricate yet simple floral designs and varying background textures balance out the roughness of the wood elements, producing a more quaint and personal/DIY feel.

  • Inspiration abounds

As if the sheer beauty of these wedding invitation templates isn’t enough, you may also use them to gather more inspiration for the wedding day itself! Of course, a rustic-themed invitation ought to come with a rustic-themed wedding (which, quite honestly, you can never go wrong with, by the way).

Boho Rustic Wedding Invitation

Boho Rustic Wedding InvitationDownload

Rustic Custom Wedding Invitation

Rustic Custom Wedding InvitationDownload

Rustic Wood & Lace Wedding Invitation

Rustic Lace Wedding InvitationDownload

Rustic Snowfall Wedding Invitation

Rustic Snowfall Wedding InvitationDownload

Rustic Wood Wedding Invitation

Rustic Wood Wedding InvitationDownload

Affordable Rustic Wedding Invitation

Affordable Rustic Wedding InvitationDownload

A Day to Remember

So if you are on a penny pinch or you just want to save up on wedding costs however you can, the perfect starting point would be these printable Cheap Wedding Invitation templates! Absolutely free, absolutely customizable, absolutely time-saving.

  • They don’t cost you a thing.
  • They’re saved as JPG and PSD files for your convenience, the latter being for all the customization that has to be done (if you have an illustrator friend, you’ll be for sure in luck!).
  • They won’t eat up too much of your time, thus saving you from headaches and, God forbid, bridezilla episodes!

But regardless of which direction you wanna take on your wedding day—big or small, grand or intimate, traditional or themedremember that it is your day.

May your day be more than just the photographers, the dress, the flowers, the entourage, the canapes, the seating chart, and what have you. May it go beyond the superficial, and may it be more about the promises, the vows that you and your partner make and aim to keep . . . ’til death do you part/for as long as you both shall live.

Fly free, love birds!

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