Are you a couple who will finally make that next move by preparing a wedding on a tight budget? Are you a wedding planner already freaking out because what would set the tone of the wedding courtesy of the invitation has not been finalized yet? Are you that graphic designer who is in a limbo whether to use a minimalist or text-heavy approach in your creation? We suggest that you take a look at our very affordable offering of wedding invitations especially if you are the one being pigeonholed by one of the queries.

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The Stationary Design Is on Us

  • Nitty-Gritty

When it comes to weddings, it is maybe easy at first to set up a budget in the beginning. But then things will suddenly balloon up to proportions once the actual planning commences. Use “Affordable Wedding Invitation” as a starter for that penny-pinching.

  • Be Non-Traditional

Go beyond the traditional looks of your wedding invitation. Have a contemporary approach and not feel outdated by your choice. Pick this “DIY Affordable Wedding Invitation” offering from us and have a format that shows an out of the box elegance.

  • Go for the Soft Layers and Graphic Patterns

Let’s face it! Most females swoon when it comes to lace. Why limit such a handmade fabric on the wedding dress. Incorporate the inherently romantic ensemble on your wedding invitation. How? By downloading our “Affordable Lace Invitation.”

  • Just the Two of You

The wedding invitation is just no longer that plain piece of paper that you hand-out to your token guests. Now it has constantly evolved than just the customary stationary pieces. That is why you should use our “Affordable Wedding Photo Invitation”‘ wherein you can attach your couple’s photo.

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Affordable Wedding Invitation


Be Close-Fisted No More With Our Help

Penny-pinching for a wedding invitation can sometimes be an impossible task. Some people would even suggest alternatives in order to avoid the budget of getting bloated. Prime examples of this would be doing the catering yourself and instead of asking for wedding presents you will be considering a wedding help. We also hope that what we have compiled in this listing of “Affordable Wedding Invitations” could provide a sort of remedy for such an impending debacle.

  • Motivation for a Design

Is an impending deadline further creating havoc on your mojo? Have you just been staring continuously at a blank sheet of paper with no idea whatsoever of where to start? Try to download any of our visual images. They are all available in the following formats: PNG, SVG, EPS, and JPG.

  • The Parental Help

Are you the parents of the upcoming groom and would want to pitch in their two cents on how to prepare that very important wedding invitation? Download them yourselves and have it customized and resized as per preference.

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