With your sweet sixteenth birthday months away and no one even attempting to begin planning it, you’re starting to feel the panic mounting. You’ve got the general idea, the theme, in the back of your head; but you don’t even know where to begin with the finer details. You’re overwhelmed from even trying to list down everything.

But worry not, pretty dot! We’ve got just what you need in our collection of cool sweet sixteen invitation designs. These Free Invitations come in a variety of designs and formats, such as, JPG, Vector EPS, and AI Illustrator. Go ahead and see for yourself!

Printable Sweet Sixteen Invitation

Printable Sweet Sixteen Invitation

You Are Cordially Invited

There have been several coming-of-age types of celebrations—rites of passage, as the majority would call them—that have been observed and kept through the years. For the Hispanics, there’s the quinceneara; and in some parts of the world, ladies celebrate their eighteenth birthday as some form of launching into society. But there’s truly not quite like the sweet sixteenth. Whether you’re celebrating yours to keep up with tradition or societal norms or because you can finally have a driver’s license and your first taste of freedom, we know it’s gonna be a huge deal.

To start you off and get one thing off your plate, you can check out these sweet sixteen Party Invitation designs.

  • Formal

As you can see in “Printable Sweet Sixteen Invitation,” you can’t go wrong with a good old-fashioned “We request the honor of your presence…”

  • Black and pink

You get the pep from the pink and the elegance from the black. Together you get a wonderful little number like in “Sweet Sixteen Party Invitation Design” and “Sweet Sixteen Birthday Invitation.”

  • Themed

Of course, you can always experiment, have a little bit more fun with it, and go for a masquerade theme maybe to add that element of mystery, as in the case of “DIY Sweet Sixteen Invitation Design.”


(If you’re looking for something more along the lines of “The First Noel,” however, check out Holiday Party Invitation.)

Sweet Sixteen Party Invitation Card Design

Sweet Sixteen Party Invitation Card Design


Cheap Sweet Sixteen Invitation

Cheap Sweet Sixteen Invitation

Super Sweet Sixteen Invitation

Super Sweet Sixteen Invitation

More Than Invites

Now just because the title here says they’re cool sweet sixteen invitation designs doesn’t mean that’s all they ever should be used for. I mean, that would be an insult to your creativity as well. These Free Party Invitations can be used for a number of different things:

  • Party invitations

Well, duh. But look at the quality and the designs. A lot of them can be used for any other birthday; it doesn’t have to be the sixteenth. You can even get away with using “Cheap Sweet Sixteen Invitation” for your book club’s formal afternoon tea or something.

  • Event flyers

The same principle mentioned in the previous bullet applies here. If your school dance is themed, you can go for masquerade with “DIY Sweet Sixteen Invitation Design” for your homecoming, bohemian with “Super Sweet Sixteen Invitation” for your spring fling, or postmodern jukebox with “Free Sweet Sixteen Invitation Design” for your Sadie Hawkins Dance.

  • DIY stationery

Like in so many of these design pages, we highly recommend you to tap into your artsy-ness and come out with some stellar stationery sets. You simply have to download, remove the text, and print.


With all that said, you’ve only got to do one thing more: download.

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