Logos are usually the face of any organization as it is logos that are supposed to send out the message and meaning of the company to the viewers. And as a graphic designer, it is the definitely the first aspect of branding work for any client. Here are some of the free logo designs that have been shared with the online world of internet by various designers from a different part of the globe for you to download and use one of your own designs. Have a look at these useful logo designs.

Free Business Logo Design


Here is a great collection of logo designs for different themes like photography, motion pictures, etc. Each of these logos has been complimented with ornamental vines that form the boundary of the design.

Free Company Logo Design


Here is a link that will let you create a logo on the go. The website has a “Do it yourself” logo maker tool that you can use for creating your company logo designs. Check it out here for more information regarding the same.

Free Food Logo Design


Download this cool collection of vintage food logos available to you as editable vectors in ai or eps file format. These logo designs are going to blow the mind off of your food client, specifically the fast food kinds.

Free Event Logo Design


These days even events have a designated logos attached to them. Here is a design for an event logo that is called Event Butler and can be downloaded for free from the below-mentioned link.

Free Sports Logo Design


Here is a 2016 sports logo background that you can download for free as an editable vector from the given link. You can also use this design as a reference for your original sports logo.

Free Fashion Logo Design


There are new fashion brands coming up every day. So make sure you don’t miss out on your fashion clients with requirements similar to the fashion logo design as shown here. Customize it a little, and you have professional results in just a few minutes.

Free Restaurant Logo Design


Here is a logo design that will suit perfectly for your café client who specializes in coffee and other hot beverages. You can even customize the logo design and place your relevant text to suit your client’s requirements.

Free Medical Logo Design


A medical logo is easy to produce as the use of plus sign just makes things so much easier and relevant. You can download the design as a png or editable illustrator file in case you want to customize the design before presenting it to your client.

Free Bakery Logo Design


Here is a logo design that is wrapped in ornamental pieces like the use of ribbon. The logo design is a bakery called cakes and candles. You can use this as a reference to create a logo for your local bakery or so.

Free Fitness Logo Design


Check out this cool black and white logo design which will suit any fitness requirement like a gym. You can download this logo as an editable vector for free from the below-mentioned link.

Free Photography Logo Design


Here is a logo design that has been shared with us for free and contains a whole of 10 different logo design templates and mockups for people who want to start their brand in photography.

Free Education Logo Design


This logo design is called Agronomy Education and can be used by education institutes and organizations from the field of agro education and such. Check out the design at the below-mentioned link to know more about it.

Free Furniture Logo Design


Even a furniture company will need a logo design. And if you know anyone looking for one, simply go ahead and download this logo design which you can customize before presenting it to your client.

Free Wedding Logo Design


Here is a design that has been shared by Colin Tierney and shows the engagement cum wedding logo that the artist designed for the couple’s wedding in an apple orchard.

Free Travel Logo Design


A lot of travel companies are starting to come up that provide travel packages and organize tours. Here is a logo design that will be best suited for such a travel company. And the design is available for free too.

Free Animal Logo Design


A lot of companies are using animal logos to represent the similarities in qualities that they share with the animal. Here is a collection of 4 different animal logos that you can download for free.

Free Entertainment Logo Design


The entertainment industry has a certain kind of design sense attached to it. Be it the laser lights or the bold choice of colors. Fret not; you got all these elements here in a single logo design that will inspire you to create your own design.

Free Professional Logo Design


In the link provided below, you will come across a logo which will suit any client that provides professional staffing to other organizations. You can use the design elements from this logo and simply change the text to create a flawless result.

Free Flower Logo Design


Use of flower has always been a great design element when it comes to logos. Here is a design that shows the outline of a blue lotus, which is also the name of the brand for the logo design.

Free Communication Logo Design


Here is a logo for companies that provide and teaches communication skills to other people. You can download the logo for free from the below-mentioned link and customize it a little to save a lot of design effort.

Free Map Logo Design


Free Dental Education Logo


Free Gold Flower Logo


Free Movers Logo Design


Free Fast Food Logo Design


All you have to do to is use these free logo designs and download the design file into your computer and start using it as the client’s logo. You might want to customize the design a little bit to change certain aspects of it to meet the client requirements as there might be multiple organizations using the similar logo design. Once you have customized it and added the relevant text for the logo, you can probably get it copyrighted and publish it for the final draft.

Depending upon the file type, you will have to use different editing software to be able to work on the download. Now that there are so many different themes that have been covered in this list, you can definitely cater to clients from different backgrounds and fields with your design skills and provide them with some of the finest looking professional and flawless logo designs. Make sure to give credit to the original designer wherever you can because that is the least that is expected of you.

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