The wildfire spread of environmental awareness and responsibility has put an obligation on almost every major company to “go green” and adopt earth-saving policies into their system – most notably the three Rs: reuse, reduce, and recycle. As a consequence, the symbol for recycling is everywhere and readily recognizable.

If you are a company primarily focused on recycling as a business service, how could you stand out with your ecological brand image without losing your identity among the many cliché stock-photo recycling logos? Here are some cutting-edge Free Logo Design ideas to recast an old idea in fresher, innovative style.

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Recycle Vector Logo

Recycle Arrows Logo


Printable Recycle Logo

Recycled Tree Logo


Recycling: In All Shapes and Colors

Choosing a Logo Design for a company that specializes in recycling services, or even choosing a logo for a single campaign that’s part of a larger eco-friendly movement, is a tricky business. But if done right, it can make your name and reputation, as well as your message, unforgettable.

As with all good logos, the core idea must be boiled down to the simplest, most intuitive and recognizable form it can take. This is your key base upon which to mold the rest of your logo; the rest is up to your imagination.

This frees you up to rethink recycling in new ways.

You don’t even have to literally go green. You can effectively use other earth-friendly colors such as a calming shade of blue, for example, or even abstract, ideogrammatic puns. You can even do away with most color altogether while retaining the triangular essence of the recycling symbol, as in the modern geometric logo below.

Recycling the recycling symbol itself can mean the difference between people glossing over the idea, or being captured by it and reminded of its meaning. It is only once you’ve gotten people’s attention that you can promote your company’s mission in relation to it. Isn’t that your goal?

Trash Recycle Logo

Recycle Logo Outline


Transparent Recycle Bottles Logo


Recycling Into Success

There are many other ways to go about designing unique and Cool Logos for your company, and it doesn’t stop there. Recycle these examples and see how far you can take the message of your mission. Remember that your logo is the vanguard of everything your organization stands for. There are many companies that fall into the pit of imitation, going for second-rate copies of their larger and more successful counterparts’ own logos. This is an easy way out especially if you share a similar mission, vision, or goal as the larger company.

But this isn’t a sustainable strategy in the long run, and it definitely won’t help you stand out as an organization in your own right. You are uniquely capable of advancing the commission for Mother Earth (or at least, you should be) – and so let your logo symbolize this by adapting a singularly new way of expressing the core idea, i.e. recycling.

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