Overlapped logos have become immensely popular amongst firms that want to make a mark in the industry. The overlapping images can represent partnership and the strength of such relationships in different business models. Many contemporary Law firms or Architectural firms prefer these types of logos. These kinds of logo designs are also popular amongst new startups or small businesses. The logo designs can be downloaded easily, and you can take inspiration for designing a logo for your firm.

Study Logo



In this particular logo design, four triangles are conjoined or overlapped with each other. These kinds of 3D overlapping designs can be quite useful for educational institutions or any other online tutorial website. It is useful for students as well as educational website and blogs related to this field.

Overlap Branding  Logo

The overlapped brand logo, can work with any kind of brands which have initials in their logo design. The overlapped text can stand out amongst other logo designs. For marketing companies and brands, this logo is highly useful.

Overlapped Logo Design for Inspiration



The overlapped text produces a 3D effect, which can be enhanced with underlining shadows. It creates depth and also gives direction and motion to the design. Those who love to have various effects in the logo can go for this type of logo.

Thrive Sa Branding Logo Design



Here in this Thrive Sa logo design we observe three uneven structures overlapping with each other, The overlapped structures have been inspired by the RGB colour wheel, where overlapping or adding three primary colours creates white in the centre. The design can be inspirational for a lot of design houses, advertising agencies and media companies. It can be a great option to create an effective logo for amateur graphic designers as well.

Remnant Logo Design



The Remnant logo has been inspired by ribbon-like overlapped design. The grey-toned text plays with the contrast to show depth and also looks magnificent on a 2D platform. It is highly useful for technical websites.

Overlapped CM Logo

Overlapped cm logo


The purple and violet design takes our attention to the centre of the design. The brightest part of the image is in the centre and thus our attention naturally goes to the centre of the design. You can design a similar logo for an App or IT company. It is also very useful for colleges and technical institutes.

Overlapped Log for Inspiration

agada logo


The text is primarily curvy, and the circles overlap with each other. These type of designs can be created in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Abstraction Logo

abstraction logo


Designers can use the abstract design concept by overlapping different materials and elements in sequence. These type of inspirational designs can be created in Photoshop or Illustrator.

Inspirational Overlapped Logo Design

inspirational logo design


The overlapped designs look sophisticated and can be quite revolutionary.  The single hue background makes the design pop out against it.

Triangle Logo Design

Any Science and Technology company can use this avant-garde design concept. The prism-like multicolored structure can be quite trailblazing for a company, which makes robots or innovative design concepts.

La Logo Design

la logo


Overlapped Logo Design

overlapped logo


White Logo on Color Background

white logo on color background


Tend Logo for Inspiration



The overlapping of two elements for a design can symbolically represent many things. But, more depth and contrast are added for an embossed or 3D like effect. Below the overlapping points, a shadow is added to show depth, and it also plays with the perspective. The lines overlapping can also denote motion, and this idea is used by many sports organisations or automotive companies or websites.

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