In this article, you are going to find a series of glass bottles mockups that you as a designer or a client can look at for yourself to decide and get an idea of what the glass product of your choice can look like. A Glass Mockups finds a good stand for itself in a wide range of industries. They are used in the food and beverage industry pre dominantly.

Apart from that, glass bottles are also useful in cosmetics, wholesale packaging and many more areas. You can use it for storing your organic spa products, or to package your homemade sauce and jam recipe. Different product is placed in different containers. While in most of the cases, the conventional design of the Bottle Mockups is known, in many other cases, the designers are coming out of the conventional packaging to demonstrate their styling ideas. Scroll through the article to find some of the useful design mockups for a glass bottle.

Small Glass Bottles Mock-up

Small Glass Bottles Mockup

This mockup will be perfect for your perfume bottle or an after shave lotion. Available in a high resolution of 300 dpi, 5000 x 5000 px layered PSD file, this mockup lets you customize the background and the liquid color as well.

Tequila Green Glass Bottle Mock-up

Tequila Green Glass Bottle Mock-Up

Your eyes can totally feast on this amazing festive collection bottle for storing tequila. And unlike the designer, you can also completely showcase for some other liquid. Check out the link below for a brilliant photorealistic design.

Whiskey Glass Bottle Mock-up

Whiskey Glass Bottle Mockup

Designed by Seth Rexilius, this mockup is for a whiskey bottle with a medieval cork as the cap. This quick concept mockup is quite delightful with the small branding work on the front end of the bottle.

Glass Bottle Mock-up PSD

Glass Bottle Mockup PSD

This series of 4800 x 2500 pixels template gives you complete control over the editing of the smart layered PSD file. Free to download, you customize everything, starting from the bottle cap, the colors and background, to the logo in the front.

Realistic Glass Milk Bottle Mock-up

Realistic glass milk bottle Mock up

A lot of fancy cafés and restaurants now serve most of their liquids in a glass bottle. Here is a realistic mockup container specifically designed for milk. But since it is editable, you can use this brilliant mockup that has space for design label and paper tag for the liquid of your choice.

Psd Liquor Glass Bottle Mock-up

Psd Liquor Glass Bottle Mockup

Most of the liquors are sold in a glass bottle. And if you are designing for a new brand of alcohol, check out this versatile colorless PSD that you can use and edit as per you and your client’s likings.

Glass Bottle Jar Mock-up

 Glass Bottle jar Mockup

Homemade pickles, jam and other recipes need a special wide mouth glass bottles to store them. This design is exactly about that. Apart from the basic layout, it also provides branding are over the perimeter of the jar.

Amber Glass Bottle Mock-up

Amber Glass Bottle Mock-Up

Medical industry also uses a lot of glass containers for their liquid medicines. Ranging from eye drops container, to a cough syrup container, to your essential vitamin pills container, you can find the PSD mockups of them all here in a single click.

Vodka Gin Bottle Mock-up

Vodka Gin Bottle Mock-up

This is a classic mockup of a bottle containing colorless alcohol. The mockup has a high quality rendering at a resolution of 4000 x 3500 px. You can easily add the label design with the use of smart objects in Photoshop and create professional results.

Amazing Pharma Bottle Mock-up

Amazing Pharma bottle mockup

Most of the mockups above have been for the food and beverage industry. Here is another mockup for a 250 ml container that can be used by a pharmaceutical company for packaging their products. Check it out here.

Realistic Vector Glass Bottles Mock-up

Realistic vector glass bottles

Isolated Empty Bottle Mock-up

Isolated Empty bottle Mockup

Cool Brown Bottle Mock-up

Cool Brown Bottle Mockup

Blank Pill Bottles Mock-up

Blank Pill Bottles Mockup

Fabulous Glass Bottle Mock-up

Fabulous glass Bottle Mockup

Glass bottles are really useful for their sturdiness and air tight capacity. Moreover people prefer it over plastic containers as they are less reactive to the content inside. In the time when use of glass bottles is reaching a peak, every designer would want to make his cut from it. With the use of the above listed mockups of various designs of the multipurpose glass bottles, you too can be on your way to impress your clients and create a much advanced portfolio for yourself.

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