Someone has rightly said, everything around you is graphic design. From a chair, you are sitting on, to a pen you write with. From a t-shirt you wear to the layout of the device screen you are reading this on. And to carry on with the list, even the packaging of each of this mentioned stuff is graphic design. You can also see Cake Packaging.

If the packaging is to be done for a special occasion, you can look at the gift packaging designs. And if it is a brand that wishes to work on their perfume packaging, then the following list of beautiful packaging designs will be a great start for you to go at it. Some of these are mockups for you to get ideas from, but there are many that you can download as an editable template and play around with the colors and the logo to create one for your own brand or your client’s. You can also see Coffee Packaging.

Burren Perfumery Packaging Design

This mockup is by Austria-based Moodley Brand Identity. The link provided below contains realistic packaging images of the Burren Perfumery, ranging from soap bars, to hand wash, to day cream. It also contains the sleek branding work on stationary and various accessories. You can also see Chocolate Packaging.

Benta Berry Perfume Packaging

Here is a design by Marion Clix for the client Benta Berry. The design contains packaging of the perfume in different glass bottles along with the overall carton package.

Perfume Sampler Box Packaging Design

In case you are packaging a perfume gift box to one of your elite customers and you are hoping to find an elegant way to package the entire collection then do click on the link to look at this unique way and idea or representing the different smells for different elements of the brand’s theme.

Perfume Bottle Packaging

Here is a template that you can get your hand on by downloading from the below-mentioned link. The download will include completely layered and professionally organized PSD files set in 300 dpi where you can even change the color of the liquid inside the bottles of different shapes.

Blank Perfume Bottle Packaging


Here, it is actually an artwork vector graphic that you can customize using the downloadable Illustrator file. This premium vector might not be something you would download for the packaging, but you can definitely make it part of your cosmetic brochure or other such designs.

Three Glass Perfume Packaging

Here are mockups for three different perfume bottle designs that you can use an eps file or jpeg image which are available in various size options.

Perfume Box Packaging

This is a really elegant and complete package for the template of the perfume bottles that will even let you put up your logo for branding purposes, apart from other features.

Victoria Perfume Box Packaging

This is another completely layered and editable box packaging for the perfume bottles available in a resolution of 2900 x 2175 pixels.

Beautiful Perfume Bottle & Packaging

Check out this quite an unusual curvy design for the glass bottle to hold the perfume. Though the design looks nice, it has to be checked for stability too.

Fresh Perfume and Fragrance Package Template

Go modern and shout out creativity with your packaging design using this premium package template. And in case you have a brand with various other products, you can incorporate the same package style for all of them.

Creative Design of a Fragrance Bottle Packaging

Here is another simple and sober packaging design for the tall cylindrical bottle of perfume that you can download for web and print purposes.

Minimalistic Perfume Box Packaging Template

Sometimes it is better to speak less through the design and let the fragrance more. For such cases, here is a packaging template with a minimalistic approach to the design.

Fragrant Perfume with Elegant Packaging

This is another design that you can look at for reference before starting out with your out of the box ideas.

Black Perfume Bottle and Package Box

Black is a shade of class, and so this is high-resolution packaging design that you can use for your limited edition collection.

Packaging of Perfume Bottles Vector

Here is a very rough diagram of what can potentially be a great packaging design. Look at it to work at it.

Perfume Box Design in Retro Style

White Container of Perfume Spray Bottle Packaging

Romeo & Juliet Perfume Pack Packaging

Perfume Box Design With Fire Frame

Matmazel Perfume Packaging

Packaging for Vilhelm Perfume

Now you can easily create designs that are special and timeless just as the fragrance of the perfume the bottle or the box package is holding. If you want to take a step forward from the perfume to other cosmetics, then here are some cosmetic packaging designs for you to browse through.

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