Just a couple of months back, Apple users were greeted with yet another good news of the launch of iPhone 6s. For those who love to debate about how Apple wins over Android in terms of design, this will be a big feather in their cap. There are number of free PSD files that can be used to create the best of the mock up designs and make the smartest designs keeping in mind to display the features and uniqueness of iPhone 6s.

Free Photorealistic Apple iPhone 6s Mockup

Free Photorealistic Apple iPhone 6s Mockup

Multicolors iPhone 6S Playful Mockup PSD

iPhone Free PSD Rose Gold Mockup

iPhone Free PSD Rose Gold Mockup


Photorealistic iPhone 6s Mockup PSD

Photorealistic iPhone 6s Mockup PSD


iPhone 6/6s in Hand Mobile Mockup

iphone 6s in hand mockup



Highlight the features

To design the mockup templates for this newest iphone model, the designers need to focus on a number of added features which were not required for the earlier models. Moreover, the high quality downloadable PSD and mock-up templates help to create the fully layered design which can even explain the complete workflow of the iphone. As these templates have editable versions, the photorealistic mock up templates can be created to make retina-display ready images. With customisable digital versions, adding or deleting any feature is a matter of no time.

Download 5 iPhone 6s Photorealistic Mockups

iPhone 6s Photorealistic Mockups


Unique iPhone 6s Mockup PSD with 7 Gestures and 8 Holding Positions

Unique iphone 6s Mockup PSD


Free Flat Realistic iPhone 6S Mockup PSD

Free Flat iPhone 6S Mockup PSD


Complementing the brand

The fully editable backgrounds, and the simple yet high quality images of the different parts of the phone highlighting its features, add to the spiffy attitude of these templates. It is also perfect for UI design presentation and can be readily used for any advertising campaigns. The ultra-high resolution of the mockup templates makes it look very well organised and the smart layers can be used to drag and drop the designs on the screen in whichever colour or background you wish.

iPhone 6s Rose Gold Mockup with Isometric View

iPhone 6s Rose GoldMockup with isometric view


Flat iPhone 6 and 6S Mockups
Flat iPhone 6 and 6S Mockups

iPhone 6S Front Angled View PSD Mockup



iPhone 6s Free PSD Mockup – in 4 Angles of View in 4 Colors

iPhone 6s Free PSD Mockup


iPhone 6s Free PSD Mockup Collection

iPhone 6s mockup collection


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