LG’s successful run in the smart phone market continues with the G4 to be launched soon. The mobile mockups are very important for showing off how the mobiles by the company look. The mockups are used to represent the model in the most informative manner, so that those interested can examine its looks. It can also be used by you to highlight certain aspects as well.

Free LG,Samsung,iPhone & Sony In Hand Smart Phone Mockups


Free LG G3 Minimal Smart Phone Psd Mockup


Black & White Free LG Pro Mobile Phone Mockup


Download Free LG Optimus L3 Psd Phone Mockup


Very easy to work with and has many uses

These mockups are of great quality and the best part about them is that they are free. Available in a variety of formats that include PSD files free download, you only need to download them to start working. You can customize it in a variety of different ways, using the phone’s design in one mockup as a background to your web page or as a form with the blanks placed inside the phone screen. You can show off the Android UI that LG has specifically built for their phones. There are also many sizes to choose from to suit your varied needs.

Download Free LG Optimus G2 Psd Mobile Mockup


Free LG G3 Mobile Mockup


Do the best design work with these high grade mockups

Designed by some of the best and most accomplished graphical artists, the mockups are an excellent representation of the phone’s design. They enable you to make real life comparisons possible without having the actual model. This can be used to show off how an app will look. For example, the upcoming G4 will have a stylus, which the mockup can display, once the phone is released and its mockups become available. They also have highly editable PSD vector layers that grant greater enhancements.

Black & White Free LG G2 Mobile Mockup


LG G2 Minimal Vector Psd Mockup


LG G2 Mini Smart Phone Mockup for Free Download


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