Sony has been known for its brilliant displays and highly aesthetic designs. These mockups are perfect for bringing out those selling points in the smart phone models developed by the Korean giant. Moreover, the mockups can be used for a number of purposes, such as designing models to make them represent certain characteristics, or to give customers an idea of how the model looks without having the actual phone around.

A huge number of uses

Free for use, the mockups can be designed for the promotion of the phone itself or even for promotional causes. They only require a simple download and are available in a number of file types, including PSD files for Photoshop editing. These PSD files free download makes the mockups versatile, as Photoshop can then be utilized to add all sorts of enhancements to the mockup, especially since they have customizable PSD vector layers. Sony’s own UI that works in the Android operating system, for example, can be displayed with the mockups.

Assurance of quality

The mockups have been designed by professional graphic artists who know what they are doing, so it is safe to assume that they are very accurate in their representation of the Sony model. Many sizes are available for the choosing, so you can use whatever suits your needs. The best part is that the one mockup can be used over and over for a variety of things, such as promoting how an application will look in the mobile or as a background to web pages.

12 Free Sony Xperia Z3 psd Mockups


Download Sony Xperia Smart Mobile Phone Psd Mockup


Free Sony Xperia Mobile Design Mockup Psd


Download Free Sony Xperia Psd Mockup


Free Sony Xperia Psd Mockup Design


Free Psd Sony Xperia Z Android Mobile Mockup on Wall


Download 6 High Resolution Black Sony Xperia Psd Mockups


Free Psd Sony Xperia Smart Mobile Phone Design Mockup


Flat Sony Xperia Z Ultra Smart Phone Mockup Psd


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